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    Strange Buildup in my Hayward Chlorinator

    I live on Long Island. Won't be able to close my pool for another 2 weeks or so. Have to keep the pool up and running. Today, I went out to test the chemistry, etc. I opened my Hayward chlorinator to check the amount of 3" tabs left in it and saw that there was this grayish white crud all over...
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    Sta-Rite Sunbrite Bulb Burns Out 2-3 Times A Season With Limited Use

    I have this dinosaur Sta-Rite Sunbrite Large Underwater Pool Light for my In-Ground Pool. It uses 500W, 120V, R40 Lamps (bulbs.) I have been using Prism Double Ended Halogen Lamps Q500T3C/120, 127196, 120V 500W, at first purchased from Pool Doctor (NY) and for a few years online because they...
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    Sta-Brite, Sunbrite pool light assembly

    It is extremely difficult, but doable. I have one of these and when my bulb dies I hate it. First of all, the lousy cord is about 2 feet too short so I can't rest it comfortably on the deck. But aside with that, this is what I do. 1. Put the gasket on the lens. 2. Put the lens in the can 3...