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  1. bdavis466

    Dog's Eyes Burning

    I was talking with my dog on the couch last night and she told me that her eyes have been bothering her after swimming in the pool. I was delighted to tell her that I'm pretty much a chemist now because I've spent a ludicrous amount of time reading posts from educated strangers and I have a test...
  2. bdavis466

    Expansion Joints and Coping

    Expansion joints – or more appropriately called isolation joints – are an essential part of constructing a structurally sound pool and deck. Concrete (and other similar decking options) expand and contract with changes in temperature which make an expansion joint necessary to prevent the deck...
  3. bdavis466

    Waterline Tile Installation

    Questions involving the construction process for waterline tile installation come up often enough so hopefully this should provide some clarification as to the best practices for new pools and remodels alike. This is not meant to replace any product or material manufacturer’s guidelines. Below...
  4. bdavis466

    The Ruff Life?

    Because it's monday and you don't know how you'll make it through the week? @kimkats @JoyfulNoise
  5. bdavis466

    This one is for me....

    If you've been following the saga, we sold our last place (Heres the POOL BUILD) and purchased a new home. I don't get the privilege of building a pool here since it already has one but I do have a pool remodel planned down the road. Before I get to that I'd like to build a patio cover. The...
  6. bdavis466

    Riverside, CA - Backyard Overhaul

    Here's the latest project that I started today...or actually did something at the house today. This project began a few months back with design ideas, quotes and potential layouts. Once the design was finalized I started working on the plans - the permits were finally issued last week...long...
  7. bdavis466

    Corona, CA Pool Build

    I thought I'd make a thread to follow the build process for a pool and covered patio project that's in the works. This yard is somewhat challenging because it isn't very deep and the homeowners wanted as big of a pool as possible. Here are a couple design ideas that were presented: They...
  8. bdavis466

    Pool Party with a TFP

    We threw a pool party yesterday and had about 60 people in the pool. By the day's end the water was so murky that you couldn't see the drain covers through 6' of water. Now 24 hours later the water looks as good as it did before the party. I took the FC to 12 (my CYA is 90) and and lowered the...
  9. bdavis466

    Pentair IntelliCenter

    I met with a Pentair rep today really for no other reason than to get some info about the new automation system Pentair is supposed to release this year. He told me there is no projected release planned anytime in the near future and that there may be some internal turmoil over its...
  10. bdavis466

    Plaster and Aquabright Comparison

    Plaster and EcoFinish AquaBright Comparison I became inspired to do a little science project on pool plaster and a plaster alternative based off of experience, experimentation and frequent unsatisfied forum posts mentioning plaster discolorations, mottling, and roughness. Pool plaster has...
  11. bdavis466

    BDavis BBQ Island

    I just finished this up...Nothing too spectacular but a far cry from my previous BBQ. I'm thinking I'd really like a Primo and if I end up getting one, it will get its own home somewhere else in the yard. This is a Lion 32" NG BBQ with their drawer and door setup
  12. bdavis466

    Why do you post?

    This was something that came to mind after very odd looks from my wife whenever she sees me typing away on this forum. I didn't really have an answer. There are several people on the forum that have nearly 100X the posts that I do, so that makes me question this even more. So...why do you post?
  13. bdavis466

    Heater Bypass Data

    There have been several posts questioning whether or not to install a heater bypass in the pool plumbing to divert water prior to entering the heater. I conducted a little study on my own pool equipment to see if there were any gains from using a heater bypass when there was no need to heat the...
  14. bdavis466

    Rising Salt Level

    I seem to have an unusual situation where my salt level is rising. The pool was completed in March of this year. I have a SWG pool and the salt was added 30 days after plaster application (StoneScapes) to 3200 ppm (700 pounds) which was confirmed by the salt cell (Pentair IC60) and Taylor 1766...
  15. bdavis466

    Bicarb Start-up

    My pool is set to be plastered this weekend. We are going with Stonescapes Minipebble. I am planning to do the startup myself and would like to utilize the bicarbonate method from the recommendations I have seen here. I have never done a start-up myself...always just left it to the plaster guy...
  16. bdavis466

    SoCal Rock Pool

    I have enjoyed looking at everyones pools, so I figured I should take the time to post mine. Here is the basic design I came up with...I am fortunate to be able to do my own plans and a majority of the work. I plan to do as much as possible myself.
  17. bdavis466

    IntelliPH and IntelliChem insight

    I am in the final stages of my build and I am very interested in chemical automation. My work schedule will have me away from home for a few days at a time and I would like to keep the workload on my wife as low as possible...she is busy enough with the kids... I understand that the IntelliChem...
  18. bdavis466

    Auto Filler Location

    Hello, I'm am currently in the build process and the plumbers installed the auto filler right next to the pool (similar to a skimmer). I would prefer to have the auto filler back by my equipment and clear up more deck space. As long as the filler is set at the same height, does it really matter...