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  1. spenserj87

    Adding Solar Heating

    This will be the second year of having a pool. Last year made all the difference in surviving the covid madness here in CA. Good family time! We used a solar cover and I'm surprised how well that worked, we had 85+ water during most of the swimming months until the ash/smoke haze from the...
  2. spenserj87

    New Inground Pool - In Construction!

    I had an earlier post regarding pool design questions, I'm past that and moving towards construction with a builder. I wanted to get feedback on the build before I sign the contract. We are now working with a builder that will do a SWG build. Here are the details: Pool Size/Features: 26' x...
  3. spenserj87

    Pool Design Frustration - working towards contract

    I'm a new member, diving into the construction threads and learning as much as I can. I'm trying to get a pool project off the grounds, but I'm stalled by non-responsive pool builders and the design phase. I thought I would get some input from people on this forum as I'm wondering if my...