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  1. begolf25

    For Sale - Four OEM Pentair Filter Cartridges

    I have four brand new OEM Pentair R173573 cartridges. They fit the Clean and Clear Plus 320 sq. ft. filter. These sell anywhere from $75-100 each online. Would take $200 for all four shipped.
  2. begolf25

    Must haves before pool start-up...

    Our pool is currently under construction. Hoping for liner and water next week. I really appreciate all the knowledge I have gained so far from this forum. Besides one of the recommended test kits, what are some of the things I should definitely purchase prior to starting up the pool? For...
  3. begolf25

    Vinyl Liner Pool Build in PA

    Hello, Been lurking around for awhile now as we went through the process of thinking about a pool, interviewing pool builders and then signing our contract. Forum has been an awesome resource during our decision making. Lots of great information! Especially helpful when we were debating our...