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  1. pookiesunshine

    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    In this post no. 6 i think you meant to say 1/2 inch barbed connectors, not 1 inch? thanks
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    Third leak point the charm

    Short version-leaks fixed in three different spots, one at a time until resolved. First i verified leak was in the pool and not the plumbing by closing off returns and skimmer drain (leaving main drain open-didnt have a plug for it) and taking level measurements over a 24 hr period. My dye...
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    Any way to recover photos from before website conversion?

    Photo links in this thread are broken; recoverable or gone forever? thanks
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    preventing leaves and debris from getting into IG mesh-covered pool

    This is a followup to a similarly titled, closed thread from last fall that mentions two different products to use under the cover:
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    SWCG not SWG

    At least the forum is titled correctly. Why not change use of the acronym to be more descriptive? Try to use SWCG instead of SWG when discussing it. In an undocumented survey of pool owners, over half (36.5%) did not realize that a salt water pool was based on chlorine sanitation. They thought...
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    suction side leak fixed-finally

    i used a squirt bottle of water to test joints for a small leak that was causing a few bubbles in the pump basket. found it at a coupling on the main drain line coming out of the ground. repeated attempts to fix it failed. until it dawned on me that maybe it wasnt at the TOP of the coupling but...
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    What is your salt level? NON-SWG pools only. Yes i know this sounds nuts.

    This is related to my previous topic here: what is typical salt level of NON SWG pool? I am asking anyone that has a chlorine based pool that does NOT use SWG to post their salt levels. Now, I realize that if you dont have a SWG, you probably dont have a salt test kit. duh. I also realize that...
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    partial drain vinyl liner-temperature question

    I will be doing a partial drain/refill on my vinyl-lined pool. i am aware of the need to leave at least 12 inches in the shallow end. I saw something in a recent post that peaked my curiosity on temperature requirements. Can i do this while water temp is around 60 or should i wait for higher? I...
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    what is typical salt level of NON SWG pool?

    Can anyone give me a range of salt levels in pools that use regular chlorine bleach or tablets for sanitizing? Apparently the level of salt in SWG maintained pools are so high that acrylic decorative concrete sealers do not hold up when used on surrounding pool decks, but salt levels in regular...
  10. pookiesunshine

    Cyclone for central vac

    Cat, what is your method for this? blowing into each inlet sequentially while vac on? thanks for the tip. i had not thought of that.
  11. pookiesunshine

    when will water temp get below 60?

    southwest ohio. i tried searching but not much found. i saw a blurb on ohio river temp still 65 in early november. i dont really want to wait that long to close. does anyone near my location have an idea of when pool temp should be below 60? thanks
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    tarps over mesh cover for partial closing early

    any special tarp qualities i need to block most of sun until water less than 60 degrees for complete closing? or can i just use cheap 6 mil blue poly? i plan to put mesh safety cover (does not completely block sunlight) over pool when leaves become too much of a hassle to deal with. based on...
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    skimmer handle is spider perch

    my skimmer handle broke but the basket is good. i have been looking for a way to remove basket without sticking my hand in spiderland and found this thread here. EZ way to remove skimmer basket so i made a similar handle. now when i open the skimmer cover, there is usually a big spider sitting...
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    CYA-comments after testing the 50 ppm standard

    First, i recommend adding the cya standard to your next order from tftestkits. As i suspected after reviewing some of the numerous posts on the cya testing accuracy and "when is the black dot considered gone?", I was off a little in my measurements. After testing the standard and a sample, i...
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    curious-any reason pH would rise due to solar cover on several days?

    my pH rose from about 7.3 to 8 in about 5 days. it had been holding steady so i didnt test it for a while. solar cover was on for 3 nights/2 days during a cold front. no chemical additions other than bleach. would it being covered that long cause the pH to rise? test results several hours after...
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    how can one person put on/take off a solar cover without using a reel?

    What i do now: 20 x 40 rectangular, two people at the 20 ft end opposite diving board, remove it by fan folding it in about 2 to 3 ft folds, then roll it up toward the shady side so it doesnt cook in the sun all day. to put it back on, roll it out, grab a corner and pull toward the diving board...
  17. pookiesunshine

    anyone get zero analyzing cya standard?

    tested it like a sample, added std up to the label, then reagent to top. shake, stand, back to sun, etc. zero. Checked a pool sample same way, got a measureable reading around 50. sooooo, bad standard?
  18. pookiesunshine

    Did ammonia eat my cya over the winter then evaporate?

    i've looked over some old threads about ammonia and that has me pondering this question. First some background: i have a mesh cover that lets in sunlight, dirt, etc. Normally upon opening i find a lot of silt and earthworms. this is my first opening after converting to chlorine. i found NO...
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    if algaecide consumes FC why add it at closing?

    From post 2 in this thread Low Chlorine after algaecide note suggests that algaecide consumes free chlorine. if so, adding it at winter closing seems counter productive. does anyone have any info on what kind(s) of algaecide consume FC? or dont? eg, polyquat 60; pool tech (Quaternary ammonium...
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    Salt in a non-SWG pool

    So i was thinking about adding some salt to get a better feel to the water and less irritation to the eyes. Before adding salt i took a water sample to Leslie's for a starting level. I was expecting about 1000 ppm, just a guess. They tested 2000. The first test i think was a conductivity...
  21. pookiesunshine

    Remove mold (or ?) in skimmer/return lines

    I think i have something in my lines that is eating FC. I have cleaned the light niche, step screw cover panels, ladder, and still having difficulty maintaining FC. CC is around 0.5. When i was using Baquacil I cleaned them using LineClean as mentioned in this old thread: Baquacil Cloudy...
  22. pookiesunshine

    Test Kit comparison table-TF100 no longer contains CYA Standard

    i guess this is extra now, have not checked.
  23. pookiesunshine

    Slam question-ok to continue aeration and use solar cover?

    Or will aerating create too much loss of FC? Or will the higher FC cause damage to the solar cover? Thanks
  24. pookiesunshine

    Does aeration impact CYA as well as pH?

    Made an aerator based on examples in old posts here. Finally seeing some pH increase! Have added soda ash and borax with no change in pH, just alkalinity. So aeration does work. I did detect a small loss in CYA at the same time. I am assuming this is merely variation due to the test method but...
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    Converting 2016-progress and problems

    Got tired of pink slime with Baquacil. I have a safety mesh cover so have just a few worms and a little silt when i open. This year, i had a new experience. noticed some white coating on the walls and light fixture that i at first thought was white mold. After failing to remove it with vigorous...