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    Acid pump options - DIY - Stenner - or? (settled on Pentair Acid Tank w/Pump)

    Power Supply: As for scheduling there's no reason to have it run every hour. I run mine once per day
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    Acid pump options - DIY - Stenner - or? (settled on Pentair Acid Tank w/Pump)

    I wouldn't buy a Pentair controller but instead just get a cheap power supply off Amazon and run the pump off a relay. Then you basically turn the iph into a Stenner style pump that is way more reliable
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    Those two guys said it perfectly👍
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    After the heater but before the chlorine feeder. If you only have a SWG then you don't need the check valve. Moving the conduit shouldn't cause any issues.
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    You don't have a heater so it doesn't matter where your check valve is... you don't even need one there. As for the light I would just get it as best as possible and contour the plaster to make it look like it was supposed to be that way
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    Hammer out the floor and dig until you hit solid ground. Backfill with gravel and compact very well. Add new rebar and tie it into the existing shell and rebar - be sure to have this engineered and site inspected. Shoot 10-12" of shotcrete then replaster the pool. It might actually be...
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    Skimmer plumbed wrong

    Your pool is finished and filled now? That return pipe looks like it got buried because the seat in front of it interfered. If the pool is actually finished then i would leave it be, if the pool is not finished then definitely correct it. They'll probably need to raise that seat height to...
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    Why Colored Plaster Turns White

    Kim doesn't have feet, they're more of what I would refer to as hooves
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    Retrofit Pentair Microbrite to IG gunite pool

    A jackhammer is preferred since it leaves the surface rough and provides more for the concrete filler to adhere to. A core bit leaves a smooth hole that isn't much bigger than the pipe which makes a solid patch challenging.
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    Questions about deck repainting and acid washing.

    It should be or use diluted acid since that wouldn't be a big deal when it gets into the water
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    Questions about deck repainting and acid washing.

    Ok, I thought you were referring to an actual Cool Deck coating. These surfaces are normally a spray on material that use specialized equipment. Since its basically repainting then the standard prep should apply. Clean it well, acid wash if necessary or TSP, pressure wash, etc...
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    Questions about deck repainting and acid washing.

    Painting over a Cool Deck? I don't believe that type of surface is designed to accept paint
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    Exposed Rebar in New Pool/Spa

    That's a terribly sloppy job. It should have this type of finish
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    Exposed Rebar in New Pool/Spa

    I guess I'm feeling a little verbose today🤣
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    Exposed Rebar in New Pool/Spa

    How thick is the spa wall?
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    Exposed Rebar in New Pool/Spa

    There's a couple issues here.... all of the rebar should be encased in a minimum of 3 in of concrete above and below. Since yours is at the surface it is not providing the structural the structural reinforcement that it was designed to provide. That tells me that your shell is either not thick...
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    Rust spots on Gunite Shell -- Rebar or Minerals in the Mix?

    Try cleaning the spots with soap and water. I highly doubt its rust
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    Gunite Pool on slight slope - needs piers?

    This shouldn't be a conversation with the builders but instead with the structural engineer that's familiar with the soil conditions in your area. Piers massey not be necessary but a keyed footing probably wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    Absolutely start today
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    Intelliflow question

    That's just the way the intellitouch works. The panel is more of a display than a control panel....odd I know. The controller on the pump will be active when the panel is in service mode
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    Intelliflow question

    Push the mode button on the panel to cycle through Auto, Service and Timeout
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    New Pool Build in Austin (Feedback welcome)

    There are two PEP's in Austin. Go hang out at the closest one between 6 and 7 AM.... that's where the plumbers will be
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    Autofill advice

    Yes, that's an anti-siphon valve
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    New Build in Tampa

    It's way too soon to be rust. Definitely ground water and quite normal at this phase.
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    Pool tile advice

    Nothing wrong with 8x8 tile - porcelain being preferred. Be sure to follow the installation instructions and waterproof prior to installation as mentioned in the article posted earlier. Thinset is the adhesive to secure the tile. The best thinset is Laticrete platinum 254 and their...
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    Does anyone have Pour-a-Lids on their skimmers or autolevels?

    I believe they are all the same diameter
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    Plumbing bad is it?

    Sounds good. Let me know👍
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    Autofill advice

    You just need a 1-1/2" stub into the pool and a water supply line. Quite simple and completely mechanical.