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  1. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Every time I start the pump this season, the pump loses prime and has to reprise itself blowing a ton of air through the returns. Last year it would start right up without any air coming out. Even if I switch from spa to pool, the pump loses prime and I can hear it groaning for a bit before...
  2. Esloser

    Plastic vs Metal Brush for Plaster Pools

    What kind of brush should I be using on my player pool? Right now, I have been using a plastic bristled brush, but am curious if a metal brush would keep the walls and floor smoother.
  3. Esloser

    Sim-a-round: Anyone seen or use one of these?

    More importantly, does it work?
  4. Esloser

    Heat Pump and Natural Gas Heater

    Just curious - is anyone running both a heat pump and a natural gas heater. I would think a natural gas heater would be more efficient at heating the pool quickly while the heat pump would be better at maintaining temperature. I currently run a 400k btu heater for heating the spa and pool once...
  5. Esloser

    ProLogic vs OmniLogic

    Does anyone know what it would take to upgrade a ProLogic system to an OmniLogic?
  6. Esloser

    Water Temp for Salt Water Generator

    What temperature does the pool water need to be in order for the Salt Water Generator to function?
  7. Esloser

    Pump Anti-Freeze Tem

    What does everyone have their anti-freeze temp set to? I have a Hayward Prologic and it is set to 38 degrees. Came out the other morning to all the pumps running and deck jets shooting water into the pool so I know it works.
  8. Esloser

    Switching 2 way-valve to check valve

    Good Afternoon: I have an extra pump that provides water for 2 deck jets and is pre-plumbed to add a slide in the future. However, on the suction side of the pump, the pool builder added a 3 way valve. I think they should've put a check-valve in this spot. Is it hard to swap out the "guts"...
  9. Esloser

    Hayward Colorlogic Module Functionality

    Good morning, I've been researching the colorlogic module from Hayward and before dropping the coin, I had some questions I was hoping someone here that has one could answer. 1. Installation - does this just plug in or does it have to be wired into the panel? 2. Do they still power cycle...
  10. Esloser

    What to use to weigh down chairs on tanning ledge?

    What would you use to weigh down plastic chaise lounges on a tanning ledge. I found two plastic chaise lounges for our tanning ledge. They are the perfect height - keep about an inch or two of the lower body in the water while relaxing. However, if you get up they start to float away. Was...
  11. Esloser

    Stain on Tile

    Anyone know how to get rid of this without damaging the tile? It is pretty solid.
  12. Esloser

    Attached SPA impact on Pool Chemistry

    Just curious... how does an attached SPA impact the rest of the pool's chemistry. I have a 6 jet attached spa that overflows into the pool when not in SPA Mode. I'm wondering how it impacts the pool chemistry - PH, FC, etc. with the water getting heated to 94-100 degrees and blowing air...
  13. Esloser

    New and Want to Make Sure I'm on the Right Path

    Relatively new to pools and TFP in general. Was wondering if someone could take a look at my numbers and see if there's anything I should be paying attention to that I am missing. PH = 8.0+ seems like I am constantly dumping Muriatic acid in. Probably using 2-3 gallons a week. Not sure if...
  14. Esloser

    Maintaining Spa Water Level - different from other threads

    Hi Everyone, Full disclosure - I am a fairly large person (6'2 and about 275lbs). I have a raised spa that is about 36" above the level of the pool. Say there are 6 of us enjoying the 95 degree water in the spa, but then I need to get out to throw the burgers on the grill. The water level...
  15. Esloser

    Difference between Liquid and Granular Stabilizer (CYA)

    Is there a difference between the liquid stabilizer and the granulated in a sock in front of a skimmer squeezing every so often CYA? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Esloser

    Hayward 400k BTU Heater controlled by Aqualogic PS8

    Hi Everyone, This Thursday I was given the ok by my PB to run the heater. I opened all of the natural gas valves, followed the instructions on the inside of the heater for starting it up, and updated the configuration with the aqua logic configuration menu to control heater1. However, I am not...
  17. Esloser

    Top 10 Essential Pool Items

    So, I've signed a contract to have a pool built as of last week. I'm in it for the long haul. I want to start accumulating the necessities so I don't have to go out the weekend before filling to get everything. By the way, it is an 18 1/2'x42' saltwater inground pool with spa. Also...
  18. Esloser

    New Pool - Southern New Jersey

    Good Morning Everyone, I just came across this forum late last night. I signed the contract and put the initial deposit down on our new pool yesterday morning and am now doing what I do - over research pool ownership to death and I found this forum. It's kind of exciting, but worrisome at the...