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  1. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Thanks. The other pump isn’t tied in to the skimmers. I have 4 main drains and I think two are tied into the main pull pump and filter and the other is just used for the deck jets. So, I wouldn’t be able to use the deck jets either with out figuring out how to unclog the main drains.
  2. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Ok - so, an update. I’ve been trying to figure this out. I added silicon lubricant to the pump seal. That didn’t resolve the issue. The pump is able to prime itself - just loses prime every time it stops and starts whether switching from pool to spa or spa to pool. The other pump for the deck...
  3. Esloser

    Pool build Vineland NJ

    Nice looking pool! I’m in Millville, NJ (East Vineland).
  4. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Will a leak in the filter discharge also cause this loss of prime? It's weird because the other pump that runs the deck jets exhibits the same behavior.
  5. Esloser

    Pool cover is wayyyyy underwater. Pumping possible or lost cause?

    I used to have a cover that would fall in. Instead of pumping the water off and refilling the pool, I would pump the water off and back under the cover. Might want to try that?
  6. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Was water leaking out of the drain plug with the cracked o-ring?
  7. Esloser

    Pool pump losing prime

    Every time I start the pump this season, the pump loses prime and has to reprise itself blowing a ton of air through the returns. Last year it would start right up without any air coming out. Even if I switch from spa to pool, the pump loses prime and I can hear it groaning for a bit before...
  8. Esloser

    What is UPS doing???

    Maybe it captures the gps location of where the package was left?
  9. Esloser

    What does your pool paradise look like?

    That’s a lot of steps
  10. Esloser

    Pool build Vineland NJ

    Curious - where in Vineland are you? I’m in Millville almost in East Vineland.
  11. Esloser

    Salt water taste - minimum salt level

    Honestly, I keep mine at about 3400 and don’t think I can even taste the salt in the water. It’s only something like 1% of the salt content of the ocean.
  12. Esloser

    New Build in SC

    In New Jersey, they wouldn’t even plaster until 8 sent them pictures of the fence installed.
  13. Esloser

    What if the pool is not covered during the winter?

    Honestly, I think that is it. You will have stuff falling in and no way to clean it out because pumps and everything will be shut off. Actually, if you get it back up and running before the water temperature gets above whatever temp algae starts to grow, you shouldn’t even have to worry about that.
  14. Esloser

    Pool Heater Advice

    I think it depends on how you intend to use the pool in the extended season. If going in everyday, then maintaining temperature with a heat pump might be a better option. If you just want to hear it 5-10 degrees for the weekend, a natural gas would probably be better. It costs me about $4 per...
  15. Esloser

    Official 2018 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Yes, woke up this morning and the WSM had dropped below 150. So, I got it stoked up again and just pulled it off at 201. They are 2 pork shoulders at about 9 lbs each.
  16. Esloser

    Official 2018 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Going to throw these on the grill in a bit! From the garden!
  17. Esloser

    New Build - Central NJ (8/9 START)

    Testing really isn’t all that difficult. I usually only run two tests every few days and the others don’t change much on a month to month basis. I run through the FC test, which is adding a couple scoops of the stuff and then counting drops until it goes clear. And, the PH is also pretty easy...
  18. Esloser

    Adding lots of acid

    How new is your pool? I was doing this for the 1st year. It seems to have settled down now though and am adding maybe a gallon a month.
  19. Esloser

    Cartridge filter cleaning

    I saw that too. I just cleaned it about 2 weeks ago and set the dial to where the green line is. Not sure why the pressure would’ve dropped, unless one of the kids was playing with it.
  20. Esloser

    Cartridge filter cleaning

    I have a cartridge filter. The filter gauge has two arrows. One points to the clean pressure and the other points to the pressure when I need to clean it. Also, if you have a spa or other water features, you’ll notice the flow decrease significantly when it is time to clean the filter.
  21. Esloser

    New Hayward TurboCell: $1700 including labor. Is this normal markup?

    That’s a job even I would attempt to tackle. I think you can pick up the cells for -$400 from a Amazon. Somebody is trying to take advantage!
  22. Esloser

    Gunite uneven laterally...3 + inches...should I worry?

    Can you run a tight string from one side to the other and then put your level on the string? That should tell you if there is a difference between the two sides.
  23. Esloser

    Pool remodel beginning soon!

    Looks awesome! Nice job! Just curious but why did you get rid of the spa? I love mine and couldn’t imagine the pool without it.
  24. Esloser

    iPad or Laptop

    I just picked up a new iPad (not the pro model) and it works with the iPad pencil, which is nice. I still use a computer for work, but the iPad does allow me to be more mobile.
  25. Esloser

    Why do we need Skimmer socks if we have filter?

    Not to mention cleaning out the stuff that gets caught in the tiny holes of the skimmer basket can be a huge pain. Much easier to just grab the hairnet full of stuff and chuck it and have a perfectly clean basket than trying to hose that thing out.
  26. Esloser

    Add Automation

    I’m guessing it would be a huge PIA to try and use Jandy automation with Hayward pumps and equipment. I think the usual recommendation is to use the automation that was developed by the equipment manufacturer.
  27. Esloser

    Add Automation

    Take a look at prologic or omnilogic from Hayward. I also have all Hayward equipment and the pb installed the prologic system on my pool. It comes with the aqua pod that has a base station for charging but can be carried out to the pool and is waterproof. I can also access everything from the...