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    Screen Logic Remote Use

    I can not seem to get my remote connection to work in screen logic. I have set the password, tried login in. I gets to requesting gateway but stops after that. Just " ERROR Cannot connect. We recently replaced our router, which I can connect with WIFI just not remotely.
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    Screen Logic & EasyTouch

    I got an issue with setting up my new controllers. I have a combo pool spa using a single pump. I have 3 automatic valves. My issue is that I have 2 return valves. First one splits to pool/ spa and polaris 360 cleaner. The second splits between pool and spa, so the spa fill and creates a...
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    Screen Logic Wireless Interface

    I am getting ready to install me new Pentair screen logic wireless interface and I have a question. That is does it really have to be line of sight between both receivers? it is less than 50 feet between the 2.
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    Easy Touch Upgrade

    My old Compool CP3400 died and I am looking into replacing it. I am looking into the Easy Touch 8 circuit version. I only have limited items on the existing unit. Heater, light and pump. I was considering the wireless but then I came across the ScreenLogic which has wireless capabilities...
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    Hello from Texas

    I just found this site. I am look forward to using it. Working on few issues with my pool now and have a bunch of questions. Like most I've learned the hard way, maybe those days are over. Thanks to this site. My pool is kindey shaped plaster inground auto chlorinator controller Polaris 360...