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    Freestanding hot tub next to pool

    Will there be a problem if I place a freestanding/above ground hot tube next to my in ground pool? There is a retaining wall on the back end of my pool where the hot tub will be located. The disconnect will be within NEC guide lines with the pool and the hot tub. Just wasn’t sure if there was...
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    Figuring gas cost for heater

    Hello, I’m considering buying a 400k master temp heater. Out of curiosity I would like to know how much it would cost in gas per hour to run the heater. Is it true that 1000 BTU is equal to 1 therm of gas? Where I live in New Jersey it cost $.79 per therm which includes the supply and delivery...
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    DIY heat exchanger for inground pool.

    Hello, I’m researching building a DIY pool heat exchanger. It will be like the one shown in the link below. The outer sleeve will be (1) 10’ - 1 1/2” copper. The inter pipe (where the hot water will go through from the boiler) will be 10.5’ - 1” in diameter. Supply and return will be 1 1/4”...
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    Temperature of water exiting pool heater

    Hello, I know there is a lot of variables like BTU, water temp in/out of heater and ambient temperature but does someone know what the temperature is that exits a gas water heater? Thanks, Joe
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    Pool heater life expectancy

    Hello, I live in NJ where the pool season lasts about 4 months. How long would a pool heater last for a inground, saltwater pool ? Thank you, Joe
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    Cement for waterfall construction

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a cement to use to adhere stacked boulders together for a waterfall? Thanks, Joe
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    New pool, new water what’s next

    Hello, I just put the liner in last week, filled the pool halfway with water. The pool is a 20k inground soon to be salt water pool. The filter is not connected yet but I want to winterize the pool before it starts to get too cold. I ordered the TF100 test kit. What should I do next? Any...
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    Skimmer knock out for drain

    Can the 1” skimmer knock that’s in the rear of the skimmer be used as an overflow in an in ground pool? Was thinking about cutting a hole and using a sprinkler pipe to overflow water away from the pool during heavy rains. Will this work or will the weir standing up prevent water from entering...
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    Urgent Liner help request

    I just got my liner installed in my ingound free form pool. There is about 4” of water in the shallow end and the liner is about 3” away from the bottom of the wall. The guy who installed the liner said the weight of the water will push it down against the wall. Is this true? Am I stressing for...
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    Pool liner install

    Hello, I'm in the process of DIYing my inground pool.I’m at the point we’re the liner needs to be installed. Initially I had a company come out to install the vermiculite (advice taken from the members of this forum) which worked out well. Fast forward two months and the company is telling me...
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    Aqua bond compound

    Hello everyone, I bought the Aqua bond dispenser but did not realize the mixer is sold separately. Is there anyway I could mix this compound manually, maybe with a spoon and apply it to the grounding screw inside the light niche? Thank you
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    Grounding a 12v pool light

    Hello, I installed a Pentair plastic wet niche in my inground polymer panel pool. The light fixture is 300w, 12v. Does the fixture have to be grounded? The light fixture itself is grounded and the niche is bonded. Thanks.
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    Hayward salt generator flow switch

    Does the flow switch have to installed up rite or can the switch be installed with the switch off to the side? thanks, Joe
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    Anode location

    Hello, Can I install an anode above the outlet of the pump? Thanks, Joe
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    Bond beam construction

    Hello, I’m at the stage of the build to form the bond beam around a vinyl liner pool. What type of cement should I use? Thank you. Joe
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    Freshwater use Underwater light?

    This morning I go to and stall the Hayward 300 W, 12 V light and in back of the housing it states for freshwater use only. The pool is a 20,000 gallon inground saltwater pool. Is there such a thing as a light for saltwater use? Thank you
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    Pool base and rain

    Hello, I’ve had the pool base done about a month ago on my inground pool. It’s vermiculite and concrete mix. It won’t be for another 4-6 weeks before I can put the liner in. Will this be a concern when it rains? Will the rain undermine the vermiculite pool base? I have sandy soil here...
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    Light tan paver coping stone

    I was going to go with travertine but I think there is a lot of maintenance involved and the fact that it can stain if a leaf lands on it is turning me to look for another stone. Does anyone have a light tan colored paver for coping. Similar to travertine? thanks, Joe
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    Return fitting sizing

    Hello everyone, So I go to install my return fittings and they are too big to tighten. It’s a inground polymer panel pool. The inlets are 2” Hayward. The front of the panels has an indentation where the hole goes, the rear has vertical fins along the entire panel. The nut part of the fitting...
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    Union on 2” suction line

    Hello, I’m installing 2” suction lines from each skimmer. Should I put unions under the skimmers? Thanks joe
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    Build Help Plz; panel gaps, Unions, and more

    Hello, After installing the final panel I realized there is a 1/4” gap between panels. I can’t move the other panels closer because the vermiculite pool bottom is complete and the stairs are bolted and cemented into place. I’ve attached a picture. Can I put silicon to fill the gap? Thanks, Joe
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    Ground/bonding screw loose

    Hello, I went to bond the light niche today and realized the bolt is loose. Would using Teflon tape on the threads prevent a leak? Thanks, Joe
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    Hayward SWG and Pentair intelliflo

    Hello all, Does the Pentair intelliflo have an auxiliary to connect a Hayward SWG? I would like the SWG to run when the pump is running. Thank you, Joe
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    Pool wall height

    Going to start digging in 3 days. The pool is in ground with 42” H panels. Coping and pavers are 2” thick. Was thinking to have a finished height of 5” above highest grade. Meaning I will have to dig 39” deep. Is this ok. Does anyone see any problems with this height. Thank you, Joe
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    Pool light wiring conduit

    Hello, I’m installing two 300w, 12v lights in an inground pool. Both wires will be ran to a junction box. The question I have is can both wires be run in a pvc conduit or do they need their own conduit? Thank you, Joe
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    Parts ID

    Can someone tell me the name of the two items circled? Thanks,
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    Travertine pavers and cold weather

    Hello, I live in NJ where there are varied temperature swings. I considering installing 16”x16”x1.25” thick Travertine pavers for the pool deck. Does anyone see any problems arising from the cold weather and the porus make up of the pavers? Thanks Joe
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    Distance of filter pad

    Hello all, I'm installing an inground vinyl 20k pool. The pump will be a Pentair vs pump. The filter pad will be 60’ from the pool. Is this ok? Will this cause any problems. All plumbing will be 2” ridged pvc. Thank you.
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    Valve location

    I’m planing to plumb a 20k in ground vinyl liner pool. There will be 5 regular returns and 1 for a waterfall. Total of 6 returns. One 2” pipe for the water fall and (3) 2” pipes for the remanding 5 returns. Drains: 2 skimmers, 1 set of wall drains. Total is (3) 2” pipes. How many valves...
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    Pool bonding too...

    Hello, Does the pool bonding wire go directly to the pool subpanel or directly to the house panel? Thanks