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    Marlig Fix a Leak Review

    So after getting a new liner they tested my lines and said one return had a minor leak, we were losing about 1/2" a day on a 12 hour pump cycle 27k gallon pool, and the buddy seat had a major leak. I used one bottle of Marlig on just the returns and it fixed them. I used one bottle on just the...
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    Advice on replacing Vinyl liner

    So I bought my house about 4 years ago and the liner was shot when I bought the house. I have been patching it every season with flex seal tape and plastic painters tarp. It works pretty good but looks like Crud. I often refer to my pool as the redneck pool because of the duct tape and such...
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    Cloudy Return Water

    So I just opened up my pool and this year we installed a salt cell and a propane pool heater. It has been running for 24 hours to mix the salt and I fired up the pool heater and salt cell this morning and set it to super cholorinate as per the instructions. It has been running for about 4...