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    Suggestion for improving "Add Chemicals" in Pool Math app

    Thanks for the app, it's very useful. I'd like to see the "Add Chemicals" flow streamlined. Adding bleach is the most common thing I do on the app, and it's pretty much always adding 32 or 64 oz of 10% bleach. Currently I think it takes something like 11 taps to add one of these entries. It...
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    Bonding spa water separately from pool water?

    Our current plan is to bond the pool water with one of the skimmer based solutions. But doesn't the spa water also need to be bonded separate from what you do for the pool water? We have an attached spa, and while the spa water will sometimes be in contact with the pool water, it won't always...
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    Best way to plumb an integrated spa?

    Starting a new pool build with an integrated spa. I think the relevant details are: SWG, heater for year-round pool use, 30K gallon pool, 1K gallon spillover spa, two VS pumps. More details can be found in an under construction thread. The current proposal from the PB is to plumb everything...
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    New lap pool / spa in northern California, lots of questions

    As a total beginner, this forum has been an invaluable resource in trying to quickly get a grasp on this large project we're about to undertake. Huge thanks to everyone here! Basics: New build 12' x 75' 30K gallon outdoor in-ground pool 8' x 5' 1K gallon integrated spillover spa Pool and spa...
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    Insulated automatic pool cover

    We're in the process of having a 75' x 12' lap pool built In Northern California. We'd like to use it year round, which means heat retention will be very important. This all leads to the obvious need for an automatic pool cover. The standard solution to this problem is an automatic vinyl...
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    Low salt SWG + bleach automation

    Disclaimer: I knew nothing about pools a few weeks ago and probably still don't. But thanks to everyone here at TFP, I at least feel like I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks! I'm in the process of having an in-ground lap pool built in Northern California. It will be 75' x 12' with 30K...
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