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    Found part in active 20

    I found this part in my active 20 filter basket today. Anyone recognize it? I have studied the parts manual and diagram. Can’t figure it out.
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    Heating pool for first time question

    Having family over for thanksgiving. Kids want to swim and asked me to please heat the pool. I haven’t heated the pool before, only the hot tub. Approximately 10,000 gallons, 250 natural gas heater, vs pump. My question is what is a typical swimmable temperature? North of Houston about 40...
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    Freeze mode information

    I live north of Houston. Usually about 5 degrees cooler at night here than Houston. A couple weeks ago we had a cold spell. Never got to freezing temperatures. Maybe 38 in the morning. I could hear my pump running on hi speed early in the morning. The display read freeze mode active. I have a...
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    Woke up to no chlorine

    After the storms this week and allowing the pool to overflow from the skimmer overflow, I tested this morning and have almost no chlorine. No yellow in the k 1766 One drop of r 0817 returns to water clear. Freaking out because I’m leaving for 4 days this evening. Water looks amazing. Turning...
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    active 20 problem, already

    just got the active 20 yesterday . very excited to put it in the pool and get it clean. about one month post construction and still has a lot of debris. well it worked for around 40 minutes, then just sat there. cycled on and off and it began to run for about 6 minutes and quit. removed it and...
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    Craft beers!

    I have recently ( within the last year) been exposed to craft beer and learning to enjoy their differences. Enjoying this one this evening! What are your favorites?
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    new pool, construction almost complete, cloudy water

    please help. new pool owner here. pool is new. pool has been full for about 2 weeks, only the last full week has the pump been running. construction crew did not set equipment until after pool was full. pool has been vacuumed to remove construction debris, filter cleaned, only chemicals added...
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    Question about a spa bubbler or blower

    Sorry that I don’t have all of my equipment listed yet. But I have a brand new in ground fiberglass pool with a hot tub. All of the equipment was set last week and I am just now getting it wired in. My question is about the blower. What does everyone use to control the on- off function? Thanks...
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    Almost ready to dig. Willis Texas

    After almost 2 months of waiting, we have this for a starting point. Plan was to start this afternoon. However we had quite a rainstorm this morning. I will update equipment later
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    hello from willis texas

    been lurking around for a while and finally made the jump in. we have a contract in now for an in ground fiberglass pool. not positive yet of the starting date. pretty excited to get it done. thanks for all of the great information i have gleaned so far.