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    SWG Install - Not Enough Pipe

    I would like to install a SWG system; however, I don't have enough pipe to install a cell. Is there anything else I can do?
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    Need some help balancing TA and CH

    I have no idea what I did wrong, but I need some assistance on getting my water balanced out. Water looks great, just need some assistance for my TA and CH. I do have a water softener connected to the pool autofill. FC = 2.0 pH = 7.5 TA = 120 CH = 525 CYA = 50 Water temp = 82
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    Solar Cover and Heating questions

    Let me start off by saying, we are wimps when it comes to cold water. So to add a couple of degrees we purchased a solar cover and since putting it in we raised the water temp about 3 degrees but only on the top later. Outside temps in have been in the 80s and the water temp is 70, top layer...
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    4 months - Need some advice

    It's been 4 months since the pool was built and so far so good. I've been following the pool school directions and the chemicals have been stable. Temps in Phoenix have been in the 80s and with the solar cover the pool is at 72. The pump run from 9pm - 9am (4 hours on high, 8 on low). With the...
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    Total Alkalinity - TA Recommended Levels vs TF100

    Question about TA on PoolMath app for iPhone vs the instructions in the TF100 test kit. On the PoolMath app it states a TA suggested range of 70 to 90 and on the TF100, Weekly Tests instructions it states 60-90 for salt water and 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools. I have a manually...
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    New Pool, Day 3 and First Test Results

    We finished filling our pool on Wednesday, set up guy showed up and got us going until our orientation next week. Our pool is 11,500 gal, plaster, non saltwater. Our PB set the pump to run 20 hours a day and instructed me to brush 2x a day - the more the better. It was cloudy for a day and a...
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    New build - Sheer waterfall crooked

    When the deck team installed the water feature it had a protective cover on it. After they removed the cover I realized they installed it crooked. Its sticking out about 1/2 inch on the left side? The PM has already taken pictures and is going to find out what can be done. Is this a big issue or...
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    Soft Water Question - Need HELP.

    Plumbers are here and I have a question. I have a water softener and backyard faucet is attached to the softener. Should i have them connect the leveler to the water softener or to the main?
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    New build in Litchfield Park, AZ

    After researching, talking to others, we (my wife) decided to go with a PB. Specs: Play pool, 28'x16', 11500 gal, 3'x5' depth, 4' sheer descent, Pebble Sheen, acrylic deck, deco tile, Hayward 5030 filter, VS950 pump, 2 color LEDs, aquanaut cleaner We signed in early Sep, permit was approved...
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    Recommendations for a demo crew in AZ

    Does anyone have recommendations for a demolition crew in the Phoenix, AZ area? Before we build, I need about 150 sq feet of concrete removed, a lot of grass, and a lemon tree.
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    Builder or BYOP in AZ

    I've been doing my research and I have a question for everyone who priced out a pool from a builder then decided to build one on their own. Since we are building a play pool without many bells and whistles, is it still cost effective to do it on my own? Here is what we are shopping for. Play...
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    New member from Litchfield Park, AZ

    Hello everyone. I finally got the approval from the boss (wife) to build a pool and I need a lot of advice. I have reached out to several builders and I am starting to receive drawings and estimates. Then I spoke to some friends who said I really need to look into building it myself. Our budget...