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    Joined the Robot Cleaner Club

    I was wimpy. After only one season of manual cleaning of my pool I broke down and purchased a Dolphin E-10 robot cleaner. This is the same as an Active 10 cleaner but I guess it has a different color? Online sales only? I also bought the ultra-fine filter since I get a lot of pollen and dust...
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    Hair Net Removing A Lot of Bugs

    I started using hair nets over my skimmer basket a while back and I am amazed at the number of little critters I see caught there. I have yet to clean my cartridge filter so I wonder how many bugs are in there. This is mainly flying ants but a pretty good variety of other bugs also. This is...
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    Rubber washer on pump shaft - is seal failing?

    Yesterday I noticed what appears to be a rubber washer spinning around on the shaft of my pool pump between the motor and the impeller housing. Is this normal? I don't know why that would be there unless something is loose in a seal. There is no water dripping but I would like to go ahead and...
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    A Good Pool Pole

    If anyone is hunting for a new pool pole I found this one at Lowe's and it seems pretty decent. It does not have the twist lock to extend but rather works more like a paint / utility pole to extend and locks in place. It is very sturdy and time will tell how well it holds up. I think it was...
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    Need a good way to weigh down steps

    I am a new pool owner and we have the Confer CCX-AG steps as shown in the picture below. I did not want to use the sand poured into the step frames, as per the instructions, based on my searching and reading about these steps and the extra weight when it is time to remove the steps from the...
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    Bugs on pool top rails

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I will try here. I have been seeing a lot of these critters lately and am not sure what they are or how to get rid of them. My wife says they are no-see-ums although we can see um when there are this many. They were biting her but I wasn't bitten. I have...
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    Lightorama Sale

    I don't know if anyone else is into Christmas light shows using controllers to automate their light strings, trees, etc. outside but if so Lightorama is having a nice sale right now. I just got another 16 channel controller for $70 off their normal price. Our grandkids got a kick out of our...
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    DE Added to Cartridge Filter

    My pool is not installed yet but I have bought and received my Pentair Clean and Clear 200 cartridge filter. I was reading through the instruction manual and noticed this passage: "When the cartridge element filter is used on new pools and after cleaning the elements, introduce into the system...
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    Testing photo on Flickr

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    Testing picture attachments

    2016 Wells Reunion 73.JPG - Google Drive
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    Is 55' too far from agp for pump?

    I have bought an above ground Doughboy 24'x52" Autumn Breeze pool and it will be installed starting March 27. One thing I keep flip flopping on is the placement of the pool equipment. I would like to put the equipment next to my detached garage and run 2" PVC plumbing to the pool. It looks...
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    New Pool Build In Longview, TX

    I think I am about to commit to this crazy idea and get going - at least get my money going away. We have decided to go with the 24' x 52" Doughboy Autumn Breeze because of the resin top rails and the price difference wasn't much at all compared to the Copper Canyon all steel model we were...
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    Resin vs Steel Pool Structure and Bonding

    I am about to take the plunge and purchase an above ground pool (Doughboy) and I have been reading a lot of posts in this forum (great forum!) and a lot about bonding the pool. I was initially looking at the Copper Canyon pool which has steel verticals and top rail but began to wonder about how...
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    Hello from Longview, TX

    Hello, everyone! I don't have a pool yet but I am definitely in the process of getting one. I am looking at a round 24' x 52" Doughboy Copper Canyon model. I have been doing a lot of reading in the forum and I hope to contribute in the future (hopefully success stories). The TFPC system...