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    Leak around return jet

    Recently I have been losing a lot of water, about 1” daily from my pool. Doing some investigation with some phenol red in a syringe I found that water is being lost around one of the return jet fittings. Not from the plumbing but the area where the body of the fitting meets the pool surface. The...
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    What is this cap on my pool deck?

    I have this small cap on my pool deck a couple feet from the edge. I can remove it and it looks like there is water inside about the same depth as my pool. Any idea what this is?
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    New to TFP -- having difficulty maintaining FC

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while. I purchased a home in South Florida with an existing smaller 7.5K gal gunnite pool about 1 year ago and have never owned a pool before. Last summer as a newbie I was trying to maintain the pool with trichlor tablets in a floater. We had some algae...