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    Manifold repair on Jandy JXi

    Thanks, I got this one but was hoping for a more detailed specifI ally for the manifold. l couldn’t find anything on YouTube either. May just have to start unbolting stuff piece by piece until I get to the manifold.
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    Manifold repair on Jandy JXi

    My Jandy JXi did survive the freeze. Looks like the manifold has cracked. Does anyone have any advice on repairing it? Is there a manual on breaking it down to replace the part? Or being 5 years old just replace the whole thing? I see there is a breakdown view with part numbers but no step by...
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    Heat pumps and House AC

    Several years ago I saw this thread. Just wondering how this Heat Exchanger concept is working for anyone who has tried it?
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    A spare spigot

    I did the same thing and replaced my water driven cleaner with a robot cleaner. My water was getting so warm in the summer that I built a water jet to cool the water somewhat at night. Seems to work
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    iAqualink vs. ScreenLogic Automation Options? Which to get?

    I have the iAquaLink system and use the WiFi app to control operations and it has been working without any issues. Controls spa, water feature, lights and swim jet have been easy to setup for routine operations with the iPad and spontaneous needs on/off with the iPhone. I have a Polaris iq9650...
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    Leaking AG Pool Heater

    Thanks, time to start removing the covers and find the actual leak.
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    Leaking AG Pool Heater

    Just noticed that my Hayward H400FDN pool/spa heater after 10 year was leaking water. It could be one of three things, the water tubes, manifold to the tubes or the gasket between. Question, has anyone changed out the gasket, manifold or water tubes before? Is it difficult or should I contact a...
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    in-floor cleaners versus other types

    Here in Houston, we have sweet gum trees with seed pods about an inch in diameter and in ground cleaners will not pick them up. Only a robot or water driven cleaner can suck them up.
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    Hotspot FPH AC heat reclamation pool heater - a review!

    Got another question. Along with cooling or evaporation on the surface of the pool, isn't there also the surface area of the pool on the ground or in the ground that needs to be included in the calculations? I am not sure what the thermoconductivity of gunite is, but I guess you could use...
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    Aqualink PDA automation using RS485

    I thought about doing something similar but after adding the cost for my time spent for implementing at $150/hr I just opted in for an iAqualink and hopped into the pool to enjoy it.
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    Help Diagnosing Leak

    Just looking at the picture of the water level in the pool and the level on the walkway, there is no way for the water in the pool to flow up hill. If there is a leak my initial guess it when the pumps are on and the water is leaking out of one of the return PVC pipes to the pool. Might be a...
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    Inherited a Green Pool - Where do I start?

    It is so nice to see success and you did it your self. Well done.
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    Jandy valve stopped working after remote hooked up

    I presume that you are actually talking about the valve actuators correct? If so, is there a possibility that someone moved the toggle switch on the underside of the actuator?
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    Polaris P965IQ

    I picked up a F9650iQ about two weeks ago after having a F9450 and I love it. I have it connected to my iAquaLink iphone app and now it is so much easier to have the pool cleaned and ready to go minutes. The "4WD" will walk up walls and lightly scrub the walls. The only problem I found with it...
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    I am crying. Pool leaks and Filtration problems.

    What's the pool look like today?
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    Water flow. Pump, filter or heater?

    I had a similar problem with my heater not turning on due to a low pressure alert. After changing out a circuit board or two in the unit it was finally determined that an solenoid for a value was diverting water/pressure away from the unit. I don't remember which valve or solenoid had the...
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    Hayward Ecommand4

    That's what I thought too. I was trying to find a detailed wiring diagram to see what's behind the cover panel. Sometime this week I plan on turning off the power to the unit and popping off the cover plate to see what I could find.
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    Hayward Ecommand4

    I have a Hayward Ecommand4 pool controller. The time of day clock doesn't seem to keep time anymore. I set if and for some unknown reason it needs to be reset again the next morning. Does anyone know if there is battery that can be replaced or if there is a circuit board that needs to be...