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  1. jimbethesda

    IC60 + IntelliPH not compatible? Need help.

    The board on my IntelliPH fried for the second time in about a year. The warranty service company came out today and is now telling me that Pentair says the IC60 pulls too much current for the IntelliPH and Pentair wants to swap out my IC60 for an IC40. Would an IC40 work? Sure, but I’m not...
  2. jimbethesda

    IC60 Measuring Salt Level Often

    I happened to glance at my IC60 the other day and I noticed it was in salt measuring mode. The manual states that it checks every 12 hours or right after powering up. Neither of those were true at the time. Since then, I’ve been looking at the reported salt level in my IntelliCenter app. It...
  3. jimbethesda

    IntelliCenter Homebridge plugin

    We are an Apple family (my wife works for Apple). I would really like Siri control of IntelliCenter. I found a ScreenLogic Homebridge plugin, but not one for IntelliCenter. Anyone know if one was created? Anyone want to write one?
  4. jimbethesda

    Cost to run spreadsheet

    Anyone develop a cost to run your pool spreadsheet? Pool store (pucks plus weekly shock plus algecide/clarifier vs TFP (liquid chlorine/SWCG & Muriatic acid)? I’m a finance guy and TFP advocate. I’m envisioning this to be a different kind of “pool math” page. The end result is that not only...
  5. jimbethesda

    Salt level in non-SWCG pools

    I was curious to see how high salt levels get in non-SWCG pools. Anyone test their levels either for the heck of it, or because they were going to install a SWCG and wanted a starting value? If so, post your level along with an approximate length of time since initial fill and/or partial...
  6. jimbethesda

    Water Softener for Autofill

    Anyone know of a good outdoor, non powered water softener I can install for my autofill? I’m not sure I want to invest in a whole house model. I’ve seen some non-powered versions, but not sure if they are worth it. My fill water is about 80PPM of calcium, not as bad as some in AZ, but my...
  7. jimbethesda

    Spa jet fell off

    What’s the trick for putting this back in? Doesn’t appear to be threaded and I also tried to push it in. Also, which way does the black washer go? TIA!
  8. jimbethesda

    Preventing scale on a SWG

    If I have an Intelliph installed right before my SWG that pumps in a little acid every hour, do I have to keep my CSI slightly negative to reduce scale on my SWG? Or can I safely run my CSI a little positive (still staying below .30)?
  9. jimbethesda

    2 nails fell in my pool

    I’m having some siding work done on the house and there are 2 nails in my pool I can get out. My robot can’t either. plan is to run the heater all night (current water temp is 56) and go in tomorrow and get them out of the shallow end. They fell in waiting until tomorrow...
  10. jimbethesda

    Professing my love for my IntelliPH

    I highly recommend the IntelliPH! If you don’t have automation and are a DYI kind of person, a generic container and pump is certainly cheaper. But, if you’re like me and have Pentair automation already and battle high PH, get it! I have a new plaster pool (finished March 2019). I told...
  11. jimbethesda

    Chlorine turns into salt?

    So, I was having this discussion about how traditionally chlorinated pools end up with a salt level that approaches that of a “saltwater” pool because when chlorine gets used up, it turns to salt. But since I’m not a chemistry expert (but their son just graduated from college with a chemistry...
  12. jimbethesda

    Leak in spa - 3 months old. Advice needed

    My build thread is here: New Pool Build in Austin (Feedback welcome) I was waiting until landscaping was done before posting final pictures. We’ve had water in the pool since mid March. I just noticed a slow leak in the spa. See pic: In hindsight, I should have figured it out a few weeks...
  13. jimbethesda

    Pump running while taking sample?

    I know the pump needs to be running when adding chemicals, but what about when taking the sample? Does that matter?
  14. jimbethesda

    Grout haze remover

    How bad for the pool is it if some of this gets in the water? I need to clean the big retaining on the side of the pool. At most 4oz in a 20,000 gallon pool. No big deal, correct?
  15. jimbethesda

    Different PH comparator

    I’m struggling a bit with the R-0014 PH comparator. I saw this one on Amazon that uses the R-0004 reagent instead of R-0014. Has anyone tried it? I have a new plaster SWG pool so I’m struggling with quickly rising PH. I want to wait until it hits 8, then drop it to 7.6. My current...
  16. jimbethesda

    How are my numbers?

    I’ve had water in my new pool about 45 days now. SWG is humming along. I think everything looks good. My only issue is negative CSI. Here are my numbers: FC: 7 CC: 0 PH: 7.8 TA: 70 CH: 300 CYA: 70 Salt: 3400 Temp: 73 CSI: -.24 I know that a CSI of -.24 is ok, but in order to stay above...
  17. jimbethesda

    CSI -.3 to .3 or -.6 to .6?

    Pool math says -.3 to .3, but I’ve read here that down to -.6 is ok. It’s just the negative side I’m concerned about. I can get there, but I don’t have much wriggle room. bad is -.45? Thanks.
  18. jimbethesda

    1lb of D.E. = ?

    I’m not sure why I’m struggling with this, but need some help determining how much D.E. to put into my filter. My filter calls for 6lbs/12 coffee cans. Well I don’t have a scale, or a coffee can. I did buy 2 DE scoops (one from pool store, one from Amazon) and they are different sizes...
  19. jimbethesda

    New Plaster game plan

    5 more days until my 28 day mark when I can add salt and fire up my IC60. I would like feedback on my game plan. I feel pretty good, with the exception being calcium. Here are my current numbers: FC: 8 CC: 0 PH: 7.5 TA: 70 CH: 275 CYA: 50 Salt: 600 Temp: 68 CSI: -.34 Ok, here’s my plan. -...
  20. jimbethesda

    IntelliCenter Help

    My new pool was filled with water about a week ago. Pool service guy sort-of set up IntelliCenter, but it isn’t really working. He’s coming back on Monday, but I don’t really have much faith in him. Here’s the main issue I’m having. I can’t get it to recognize the two IntelliValves, and it...
  21. jimbethesda

    New Pool, Need Help

    Hey all. I’ve been reading these forums for the past 6 months or so as my pool was being built. My pool was filled with water on Thursday. PB uses a pool service company to start the pool up. He showed up Thursday afternoon, started the pump, added a metal sequester, acid, and floated some...
  22. jimbethesda

    Rain in inches = number of gallons formula

    It’s showtime! Acid wash is happening now, then we will start filling it up. We are expecting about .5” of rain tonight. Is there a formula I can use to plug in the amount of rain and my pool surface area of 540 sq ft to determine how many gallons of rain goes into my pool? I’m trying to get...
  23. jimbethesda


    My PB is buying my equipment next week, and I told him to look into Intellicenter instead of EasyTouch that he had on the proposal. I'm pretty technically savvy (but not a programmer), so I can handle some early adopter bugs. BUT, I don't want to constant problems. So...what do you think? Go...
  24. jimbethesda

    TF Test Kits standard solution

    I’m so excited for my new pool (we haven’t even broken ground yet) that I ordered my TF-100 test kit! I bought the standard solution sampler to practice with. The only one I get the same result as expected was for CYA. Here’s what I got: PH: 7.5 (sample bottle says 7.2) TA: 80 (sample says...
  25. jimbethesda

    New Pool Build in Austin (Feedback welcome)

    We've made progress. The PB we like sent us a proposal back. Feedback is appreciated. WE WILL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: All work to be done in accordance with the National Spa and Pool Institutes Specifications as well as all applicable local codes. General Liability...
  26. jimbethesda

    Austin SWG PB recommendations needed

    Hi all. I’m in need of any recommendations for a PB in Austin that will build SWG pools. Ideally, they won’t just be “ok” with it, but have lots of SWG builds under their belt. Anyone have any recommendations? thanks in advance.
  27. jimbethesda

    Intellichlor Instructions

    The Intellichlor owner’s manual give the following water conditions. TFP recommends different levels. I’m concerned about their warning regarding FC above 4.0. Should I follow the manual? FreeChlorine: 2.0-4.0 ppm. Above 4.0 ppm may cause corrosion of metal components Combined Chlorine...
  28. jimbethesda

    Bioshield (UV)

    I searched and saw that Bioshield isn’t recommended in outdoor pools because of the free UV from the sun. I have a different question about Bioshield..... I thought UV reduces chlorine (hence the need for CYA), why does Bioshield not do that too? It seems like it would “zap” the chlorine too.
  29. jimbethesda

    Need help with sanitizing options (in design phase)

    Hi all. First of all, I'm so glad I found this site! I've learned so much already. I'm in the design phase with 2 PBs and after reading this site, am committed to getting the chemistry right. So...I don't want the pucks! At first salt seemed the way to go, but PBs hate them. They either...