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    Concrete issues with SWG

    Hi Everyone. We are building an inground pool with a SWG. Some folks have said if you mix the color into the concrete (broadcast then trowel) then the Salt water will ruin the decking over time. Some have recommended Getting the color mixed into the batch from the concrete company to help with...
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    Autofill make/model

    I tried to search but couldn’t find a solid answer. What autofill does everyone recommend? Preferable one with an overflow port .... I plan on using a Wilkins Zurn 720 PVB if that matters.
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    New Owner builder Pool Sacramento- Design phase

    Hi everyone. My wife and I are looking to get a build going and have been working with a designer. I wanted some input to see if we have any glaring issues... IG, quartz finish pool size 32x17 3.5’ shallow end 7’ deep end 18” raised bond beam Equipment and other info to come.
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    New from Sacramento, Ca

    Thanks for having me. Hoping to get a pool built in the next 6 months or so.