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    Pool Remodel leads to leak. Seeking solutions

    Looking for some feedback on what my potential options are here with regards to a leak in my spa. Quick history on remodel. Complete refresh. New coping, tile, interior finish (ecofinish). During the demo, while pulling the old coping off of the spa, they damaged quite a bit of the spa raised...
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    Am I being unreasonable? Grout in coping (other than places it's supposed to be)

    Currently undergoing a major remodel on my in ground pool. One item I noted for the pool builder to address is that in the process of grouting the gaps between the coping, they ended up getting grout in about every nook and cranny of the natural openings in the travertine coping. Picture for...
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    Pentair Intelliflo Noise at Low Speed

    I feel like I'm asking way too many questions But anyways. Brand new pump (2 weeks old), already having a weird noise on low speed. Mentioned it to the service company who installed and they said it was normal, but I'm a bit dubious with that response. Seems to come and go but it's...
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    Pentair VS Pump and Hayward Aqualogic Controller

    Was hoping to get some assistance with programming my new pump. As I understand the Hayward aqualogic cannot provide an interface with the VS pump. With this in mind I have it set so that the aqualogic provides power to the pump twice a day through the timers menu. When this happens the pump...
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    Pump Install

    Was hoping to get some feedback on a new pump install. My service company installed it today, the height profile is a bit lower than the old pool pump. Instead of cutting some of the pvc piping to fit they just raised the new pump with some wooden boards. I guess I'm a bit concerned that these...
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    Rebuilding SWG cells

    So I haven't been able to find any discussion, beyond the few comments here, in regards to rebuilding these cells. While perusing ebay for a replacement t-15 cell I stumbled across salt solutions inc. They claim to be able to rebuild the unit for $275, around half of what a new one would cost...
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    Pump will not start

    So I came home to my pool today not circulating. Pump not running. Went out to controller and try cycling the button no and off with no effect. Everything else works on the control panel. Just not the pump. Any ideas or thoughts on how to fix this? Also what should I do with the pool in the time...
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    Air Bubbles Coming from Return After Sand Filter Bleed

    I was messing around with my sand filter and opened the bleed valve. No real reason just messing with things. Well now that I've done this I have a ton of air coming out of my returns.
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    Bubbles in pump strainer basket

    I'm having issues where I've had a ton of turbulence in my pump strainer basket. When I was still using a pool service he mentioned that this was normal for this type of pump. I've been messing around with it and I notice that when I divert water away from the skimmers and to the main drain the...
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    Pool Skimmer Draining

    I'm having an odd issue. At least to me. The one pool skimmer is being drained by the pump (there's two skimmers). It's draining it all the way down to the point where it's just splashing in to an empty skimmer basket. No valves have been turned recently and the pool is very full. Any thoughts?
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    First Test Results (advice welcomed)

    Temp: 90 FC: 5.5 CC: 0 pH:8.2 T/A:150 CH:420 CYA:50 I'm having some trouble estimating the total volume of my pool. I have an estimate but I'm guessing I may be off by +/- 5000 gallons. As for the numbers. I'm guessing my high pH has a lot to do with my SWG and my use of a pool cooler (tons of...
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    Recently had a no cell power error on Aqualogic PS8

    So I'm having an issue with these boards. Recently had a no cell power error. From reading around I found many found a burnt K1 relay joint to be the issue. I took my board off and sure enough found the burnt area. Tried re-soldering to no victory. Next plan replace the board. I had a service...
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    Leak at Connection

    I'm having a hard time with a small leak. It's occuring at the connection point for my booster pump. My pool guy (yes I have one) tried to correct the issue using some sort of pipe dope but it doesn't seem to be working. Said the leak was fine and not something to worry about but me being the...
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    Aqua Logic Automation

    I'm hoping someone can help with some of my questions in regards to automation and control valves. To start, my setup. It's a pool/spa combo with a spillover in to the pool. When I moved in (recently purchased) they only had the pool and spa function active on the control system. So if the...
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    Sand Filter Question

    Specifically it has to do with this statement in the backwashing instructions in the pool school section " First make sure that any valve on the discharge line is open and any discharge hose is rolled out to where you want the dirty water to go" I'm not seeing any valve around the filter area...