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    Small leak

    Have a very small leak in the sand filter from the air relief valve... any suggestions?
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    Balancing (Pool water looks dull)

    Opened pool yesterday. Tested chemicals several times today and yesterday. FC: 13.5 CC: 0 PH: 7.6 CYA: 30 CH: 210 TA: 100 No debris left in pool, just water look dull.. should I try to lower TA a little? Could that cause the dullness?
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    Need help finding tool to install/remove jet

    Can someone tell me how to install/remove this jet? Is there a special tool?
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    Pool Math App-Inconsistencies

    Hi All, Quick question. When looking at the PH section with a current PH of 7.8 and a target PH of 7.2 using 31.45% MA it suggest I use 8.2 oz to lower to my target level.... When going into the effects of adding 31.45% MA it says that adding 8 oz will lower PH by .1... Any idea why there are...
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    If I am leaving for 7 days, what is the best way to care for the pool; lets assume I have no one to come over and put chlorine in on a daily basis. I have an inline chlorinator that will hold roughly 7 3" tabs and I can purchase a floating chlorinator to hold an additional 4 tabs. Would you...
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    Pentair 320 In-Line Chlorinator

    Seems like it’s leaking from the bottom. First time I removed the chlorinator, I didn’t realize that there was a set screw, so I’m assuming I damaged something (diverter tee?). Is there a way to repair this without breaking into the plumbing and replacing the diverter tee? Not even sure if this...
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    Fiberglass Pool-White Chalky Residue

    FC: 8 CC: 0 TA: 110 CH: 350 PH: 7.4 CYA: 80 When I brush or rub the walls while swimming, a white chalky residue comes off and disappears. Any idea what this is and how to fix it? Pool is about 8 years old. Thanks, Mike
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    PH Increase

    Seems like my PH is rising daily and every couple days I am having to pour MA in the pool to bring it down from 7.6 to 7.2. FC: 7.5 CC: 0 PH: 7.2 TA: 120 CYA: 70 CH: 320 Any idea why my PH would fluctuate so much? My TA started at 160 at the beginning of the season and I have since brought it...
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    Normal FC loss

    FC:10 CC:0 PH:7.2 TA:140 CH:340 CYA:80 I am losing about 4 PPM of chlorine daily. Anything to worry about? Pool is crystal clear. Just seems like a lot to me. First year using liquid chlorine with no tabs. Having to pour almost 100 oz of 12.5 in daily.. could get real expensive. Pool depth goes...
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    Taylor Test Kit

    I think I read somewhere that you can use 1 dipper of R-0870 instead of 2 when testing FC with the 10mL sample. Is that true? Would the FC show differently if I used 2 dippers? Just curious.
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    Chlorine Feeder

    Does anyone here use an automatic chlorine feeder? If I use the chlorine feeder on a daily basis, how quick is my CYA going to rise? I have always used the feeder in the past, but never really understood the FC/CYA until last week. It really seems like a pain to have to dump liquid chlorine in...
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    Water Chemistry-Free Chlorine

    Pool has been opened for about a week and I cant seem to get a free chlorine reading. Pump has been running 24/7. When I initially opened the pool it was light green/blue. Tested the chemicals at Leslies Pool and they told me that I needed to pour in roughly 30 pounds of shock to kill the...