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    Pool Permitting: Window Latches/ Door Alarms (already searched the forum)

    Hello! Our pool construction is (knock on wood) nearing the end, after many delays, and we have spent days spending tens of hours online trying to find acceptably- rated window latches (door alarms, too) that we can order and receive ASAP. Our builder was vague in what he said we need: Window...
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    HELP! SOS! :) Choosing Waterline Tile Grout in a Flash

    Hello! We are plodding along with our pool construction (held up by masons with no sense of urgency for the last 2 weeks). A few weeks ago I took notes on who some of you TFP grout design experts are but do not have them in front of me. The mason finally did 4 grout samples for me, after waiting...
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    Gas v. Electric Heater- Time is of the Essence to Decide :)

    Hi! First post here and please excuse my brevity, but we are in the middle of a (an in ground) build, and I need to tell my builder ASAP (imminent) whether to stay on track with our gas heater that is already plumbed or whether to rush to call electrician and plumber back to site to keep us on...