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    Did Pentair start rodent proofing heaters?

    We just had our pool equipment installed and I wanted to make sure that I am diligent and rodent proof our MasterTemp 300 heater. I was on the MK RodentProof website to buy a precut kit and noticed that our heater doesn’t match their “A” or “B” kit. It seems as though our heater already some...
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    Indoor Installation of Load Center, OK?

    So, we had our final walk down of our install scheduled for next week. As it turns out, all the equipment will be located immediate behind our garage. This was fine for me as we can run all electric and gas through the garage and come through the wall immediately behind the equipment and offer...
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    Intellichlor error

    We’re at my wife’s cousin’s pool (3 week old install) and her iChlor swcg keeps flashing all red lights with “AC” error. Any suggestions? Seems like it’s getting proper power, but, I can’t find that error code anywhere in the manual or online. Thanks!
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    We've started the process! Contract sign and permits submitted. We are on track for install next month, assuming weather cooperates. Obviously it will be installed and winterized for use next year. Here's the build sheet: Complete Pool Installation with permit package, pool blueprints and...
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    K-2006C-SALT? Same as K-2006C + K-1766?

    Anyone know if the -salt variant of the K2006C is just the addition of the K-1766 salt test or is it advised to buy the two kits individually?
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    Would you buy IntelliCenter today?

    As we are approaching our build (next month), I still need to decide between the easytouch w/ScreenLogic or going for the IntelliCenter. I think at this juncture I’ve read all the threads and reviews on the newest automation platform and it seems as though there are folks unhappy with the...
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    Prowler 930 vs Warrior SI - What’s the difference?

    So, I’ve been searching throughout TFP and google... it appears my search skills are not up to par. I’ve resorted to looking through the owner manual, which is shared by both units. What is the difference between these two robots? At first glance it appears that it is just the caddy that is...
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    Clean & Care Filter vs Quad DE?

    Hi All, We are in about to sign a contract with a highly reputable fiberglass installer in South NJ. They have been great in answering all my questions and adjusting pricing as necessary. I think we're all set, however, the original spec list from the PB included the Pentair FNS 36 DE filter...