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    Aftermath of the Freeze

    I too dealt with the freeze in Texas and I'll share my experience for others in the future. We had subfreezing weather down to 3 degrees one day and rolling blackouts. We were below 25 degrees for 3 days straight. The first power outage I drained everything after 3 hours but we got power back...
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    Pool overflow issue?

    Recently moved into a new house and still trying to get my bearings on the pool. Have a negative edge w/ a catch basin and an auto fill device located next to the catch basin. My issue is I’m constantly coming out to water coming out of the overflow pipe (located next to the auto fill). What...
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    New pool owner questions (pumps, lights)

    Hi all, happy new owner of a pool in our new house. Previous owners built it in 2017. Couple questions as pools are a bit more complicated since the last time my family owned one. First, the pumps, spillway, filter pump, etc. are controlled by an aqua link and set on a schedule. We have a...