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    Mini Pebble Color

    Hi, we are in the middle of trying to figure out what color for our mini pebble. I really like the color of water in this pool. Does anyone know what that might be? We are either going with Stone Scapes or Crystal Stones. Are glass beads or abalone shells worth it? If you have either, do you...
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    Leuder Stone Spa

    We are in the process of putting in a pool. I would like a spa with just leuder stone around it. Does anyone have pictures of their spa that is made this way? I like a clean look. It will have a tile glass waterfall but I want the rest to be a white stone. Please show me your pictures!
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    Am I being too picky???

    The lines on my pool are off. The back from the right to the left comes in and is not exactly straight. It all comes in on the left. Will it look better once it’s completely finished? Will it be less noticeable? Is this common? Do you see it or is it just me? Can anything be done at this point...
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    New Pool

    Here's our initial plan for our new pool. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. We have never had a pool before so this is all foreign to us. I feel like the shelf might be too small. What if I made the spa 8x8 and made the shelf 7x9? Thoughts? POOL Size: 23’6” x 21’ Perimeter: 98’ Area...