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    What's up with this Chlorine?

    This test is from my MIL's pool, not mine. Last summer she had to fire her pool service as the CYA had reached a level so high that the weekly shocking seemed to do nothing. I drained half the water and replaced. That got everything back to normal. My MIL has been keeping up with the maintenance...
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    Pentair Intellichlor problem revisit

    My Easytouch-Intellichlor-Intelliph combination worked flawlessly for approximately 8 months when the pump on the Intelliph lost a roller. I replaced the pump and noticed, a couple weeks later, it quit working again. However, this time it wasn't the Intelliph but the Intellichlor/Easytouch...
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    Odd Intellichlor behavior.

    After several months of trouble free care the red low salt warning came on my SWG Like a foolish beginner I added a bag of salt. It had to use some over the summer, right? Still the light is on. So I check the panel, 2000 ppm, Very Low Salt. Strange. So I pull out the aquachek strips from my...
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    Master Temp doesn't ignite

    :wave: My heater is about a year old. Perhaps 50-60 hours of run time. I tried to heat the spa today and the inducer fan comes on, the LED flashes for heat then I get a Service Heater light. No LED on the inside panel. My gas meter is 4 ft away and I see no movement on the meter. If I'm...
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    intelliPh acting up

    I've had this running for 6 months without any issues other than making me lazy. Three weeks ago the pH starting creeping up and I wasn't hearing the pump running. Well, the pump self destructed. The rollers broken off-- just a mess. Two weeks ago I installed a new pump but it doesn't seem to...
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    Dumb Intellichlor Intelliph question.

    All right, in my new, two month old, pool I just installed the Intellichlor and Intelliph units. I went in to review the manuals for start up instructions and noticed Pentair recommends installing the acid feed before the Intellichlor :hammer: I installed it after the SWG. :rant: I'm...
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    My first problem Easytouch - MasterTemp heater install

    New pool in my sig The wife wants me to finish up the installation which means finally hooking up the new Pentair MasterTemp 400k. It should be easy, yes? Water plumbing - done Gas connection - done L1 and L2 to empty breaker in Easytouch - done Remove jumper from fireman connector and run...
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    Christmas Pool Picture

    :wave: Merry Christmas Everyone. And yes we have a tree on the patio. [attachment=0:22t6wfmd]Christmas Pool.jpg[/attachment:22t6wfmd]
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    So it unconventional build..i'm callin' it done

    I posted a couple months ago about my disappointment with several pool bids I had received. They were all flawed in some way or another. I knew exactly what I wanted but either they weren't listening or I wasn't communicating effectively. In any event, I decided owner-build with myself doing...
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    Help me understand spa plumbing.

    With a little luck I'll be in gunite by next weekend. :mrgreen: Since I'm owner/builder this pool, I want to make sure I have a keen understanding of the plumbing of the 18" elevated spa with a wide spill over. I'm going to be using a single pump (pentair 3050VS). Following this drawing, it...
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    Another Texas coast build? Maybe

    We inquired with half a dozen PB's in our area and while most were right in budget, all bids were flawed in some way. The one proposal that addressed my concerns about yard drainage, utilities and decking was 50% more money :shock: Much to my wife's uneasiness, I might be contracting some of...