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    Pentair ETI Hybrid: First Winter Season

    Thanks ajw. A heads up to anyone else considering the Pentair ETi Hybrid heater: after speaking with Pentair, I'm finding this heater is not meant to be installed in any climate where freezing temperatures may occur, even if running the heater in gas-only mode. This heater always produces...
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    Pentair ETI Hybrid: First Winter Season

    But the condensation comes out all the time whenever the heater is running, and if that freezes doesn't that mean the heater won't function? The water was about 68 this morning but now has dropped to 60 today without the heater, even though it was called to heat. Pump has been running continuously.
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    Pentair ETI Hybrid: First Winter Season

    Hi All, I'm now into my first winter temperatures in the first season of my new pool. I had the builder install the Pentair ETI Hybrid Heater for energy efficiency here in Denver, Colorado, but in our first day below freezing and I'm getting a message of 'Condensate Block'. I've had the heater...
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    Winter begs question: Upgrading SuperFlo to VS?

    Hi Everyone, We had a pool built earlier this spring and I wish I found this site as we were in the building phase! So far TFP has helped me navigate and stay on top of the maintenance including my first SLAM process a month ago - so thanks! We have a pool/spa combo and deck fountains, and I...