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    What's the purpose of these two capped off pipes?

    Anyone know what these two capped pipes would be for? 1. The capped pipe directly below the puck tank 2. The smaller capped pipe near the wall, extending from the skimmer drain line (middle line on the suck side)
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    Another newb.

    Recently bought a house with a pool, always wanted one just never quite worked out until now. It's about 8 or so years old and in reasonable shape for its age, but does need some maintenance. I've already learned a ton reading through the forum. Anyway intros are boring, back to reading ;)
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    Component level repair to Hayward H series heater display board

    I've got an H series heater, and more of the segments on the 3 digit LED display are dead than work. So, figured it'd be an easy task to pull the board and replace the 7 segment display module, but for the life of me I can't seem to match the part. The numbers on the display are: LA19209-46-01...