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    Pentair Intelliflo 3HP 011028 - Winterizing

    Hey all - I replaced my Hayward single speed with the Intelliflo this year and have a question about winterizing the pump. I bring my pump, filter and Stenner system into the garage each winter and I noticed that the Intelliflo doesn't have battery backup to retain it's settings. I know it has...
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    Purchased new Pentair VSP (Model 011028) - Run question

    I have decided to replace my Hayward 1HP single speed pump with a Pentair Intelliflow variable speed pump. Our electric company is offering a $350 rebate and because I've been running my 1HP pump about 12 hours per day, I think it makes sense to upgrade to a VSP to save on electric usage. I...
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    Mesh Safety Cover - New pup

    I'm looking to replace my mesh safety cover, which is currently 19 years old. It still works, but it has deteriorated a bit over the years and is missing some stitching and a few of the abrasion strips, has a small hole or two, and is looking tired. I have found a company that can replace the...
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    Labrador Retriever Puppy

    We just got a new pup and she's almost 11 weeks old now. She really seems interested in the pool, but the vet suggested we wait until 16 weeks before we introduce her to the water since her joints are still a bit wobbly. The vet is not a dog owner and is quite young, so I'm not sure how much...
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    Pool Safety Fencing - Mesh Type.

    We're thinking about getting a mesh pool safety fence to cordon off the pool area from the rest of the yard. No kids here but we are getting a laborador retriever puppy next month and would like to be able to prevent her from getting into the pool when we are not ready to watch her in the...
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    Pleatco filter replacement?

    I wonder if Pleatco has a replacement cartridge for a Pentair Quad DE 60 model filter assembly.
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    Doheny's Discovery (Maytronics S200) Dolphin Question

    I just purchased this unit and am curious as to what I should be doing with objects in the pool such as my poolskim device (connected to one of the returns) and the two floating frog logs I have hanging off the sides of the pool. As the robot moves up to the tile line, will it try to eat my...
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    Raised coping, safety cover and leaves

    Closed the pool yesterday and was thinking about opening next season already! :cool: While I was Home Depot shopping for some other things, I came across those 6' lengths of polyethelyne pipe insulation and figured I could use them around the perimeter of the pool cover to keep leaves from...
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    Pool closed...where are all the artists?

    It's always sad when the pool is winterized and closed at the end of the season. Instead of waking up and looking out on a sparkling blue pool, we now see the dreaded winter safety cover in all its glory. My cover was originally made in 1999 and will probably need to be replaced at some point...
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    Strange brown spot on wall

    So, I was brushing the walls of my Pebble Fina pool the other day and noticed a small brown spot about the size of a dime on the wall near my vacuum port. Brushing with a stainless steel brush and running a pumice stone over it did nothing, and holding a trichlor puck on it for 15 minutes did...
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    New valves

    I would like to replace the old valves which are feeding my pool pump but there is not much space to work with. I currently have three simple 2 port controlling skimmer, one for main drain and one for vac line. I usually have the skimmer line all the way open and the main drain...
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    Stenner pump and wiring dilemma

    So...I've been reading a lot of the Stenner posts and researching my options, but I'm still trying to figure out what my best option is. I've got a few issues to work through on my setup, so who better to ask than you guys? I have 230v at the main pump, but it's on a timer located in my...
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    Reducing CYA Patent

    Found this when doing a search on "reduce CYA pool". Found it interesting if it actually works:
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    Just plain wrong, but good results.

    As a fairly new pool owner, I have been reading this forum for the past couple of years and I have certainly learned a lot from all the great posts and information, but in all honesty, I am getting great results with my pool even though I am not following the BBB method. Here is my situation...
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    Pebble Fina Bella Blue - Normal Mottling?

    It's been 3 months since my Pebbletec Belle Blue Fina finish was applied, and I still have very pronounced mottling in some areas. It is quite noticeable on cloudy days and early/late in the day when the sun is not shining directly on the pool. Would anyone be happy with this look?
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    Extra long Return Jet eyeball fitting?

    I need to replace my eyeball fittings since the existing ones don't have enough threads for me to properly direct them. Does anyone know if they make standard 1.5" threaded jet eyeball fittings with more threads?
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    Time for a new pool filter?

    I have a 20 x 40, 33k gal in-ground gunite pool and the sand filter is one of those meteor types with a Pacfab 8 position multiport valve which appears to be leaking. I cleaned and relubricated the seal, but it still leaks a little and it's not filtering all that great anymore. I'm thinking it...
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    New Pebble Fina Concern

    Hi All, I just had my pool refinished a few weeks ago with Bella Blue Pebble Fina. We followed the start-up procedures perfectly...keeping the water balanced and brushing 3-4 times a day, but the pool still has very noticeable white blotches and streaks pretty much everywhere. There are also...
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    Pool Replaster Question

    Hi All, I have all 20x40 gunite pool which was originally constructed in 1975. It was replastered about 12 years ago and I've received a few quotes for resurfacing it with regular white plaster, all coming in between about $6500 and $9000. One of the contracts I'm looking at requires half up...