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    Globrite LEDs replacement

    I have had 3 LEDs go bad this year. The first 2 were under warranty and the 3rd is not. The PB wants $474 for the light and $150 labor. Yikes. It looks like I can get this on Amazon for $350. Is this something I can do myself or is it best to just have the PB do it.
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    Pool master heater issue

    When we turn the heater on for the pool or the spa the temperature will not Get above 83°. I looked at the graph in ScreenLogic and it appears that the heater is trying to bget above 83°. I looked at the graph in ScreenLogic and it appears that The heater is trying to keep the temperature around...
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    Re-plastered looks bad

    We had to drain our pool this spring and fix several cracks and replaster. Some of the cracks are coming through new plaster and the new plaster is wearing off in high traffic areas revealing the older darker plaster. There is also bubbling of the new plaster in some areas. The pool is only...
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    Pentair heater not working

    Screenlogic says it is on but it is not warming the pool and it is not making any noise at the actual heater. Any tips or tricks to get it running.
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    Easy touch schedule

    Every time I try to change the schedule it adds “pool 8-5”. My concern is if I add other features for that pump that overlaps the pool being on from 8 to 5 which will it default to. Could you have a setting that has the pump run from 8 AM until 7:59 am the next day and also have several features...
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    Cloudy pool from filter

    We have an issue with our pool being cloudy for the past month or so. It’s been often on because I have been slamming the pool and doing the overnight test with success. After reading a little bit more today I found out that the filter could be the cause so I closed the valves and I am in the...
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    Removing LED to look for algae

    Is there a tutorial on how to remove a pool LED and can this be done easily? I have a chlorine demand problem and I wanted to take a look behind the lights to see if algae is growing there. I believe my lights are pentair.
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    Safe to swim

    I Slammed the pool and kept my swg at 50%. The chlorine level is now at 34 with a CYA of 80. Is it OK to swim?
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    Spa LED replacement

    I have searched and can't seem to find out how to remove my burned out bulb in my spa and replace it. Do I need to drain the spa to remove it and does anyone know how to remove the intellibrite bulb. Thanks
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    Shocking without bleach

    We have had a few heavy bather loads his week and I am getting a little cloudy water. CYA 80 Cl 4 I have used 5 lbs of dichlorvos but would like to find an alternative as I don’t want my CYA levels to get too high. What’s the best way to shock the pool besides bleach?
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    I put cyuronic acid in my skimmer baskets using the pantyhose method A week and a half ago. Unfortunately they painted the bottom of my pool the wrong color so I had to drain the pool. I took this cyuronic acid that was in the pantyhose and put it in a bucket in my garage. It sat there for...
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    Pump won’t turn off

    I have a 2nd pump to run my features and infloor cleaners. For some reason when i shut the cleaners off tonight the pump still runs sending water down the slide. Then when I turn the patio lights on using ScreenLogic and turn the slide off so must’ve moved the valve. I thought I had all my plugs...
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    Open pool 1st time

    Our pool builder did some crack repairs on our Gunite and plaster. I am refilling the pool and they wanted to come out when it got full to open the pool. I have already plugged in the valves at the EasyTouch and they are working and have power. I have also added Cyuronic acid, muriatic acid...
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    Fill Filter?

    I have a sand filter and I am getting ready to open my pool. Do I need to fill the sand filter with water before starting the pool?
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    Opening and antifreeze

    I am doing a fresh fill of the pool due to some work that needed to be done. The PB closed the pool and used antifreeze. Can i just start the pool in filter mode or do I need to waste some water when I turn the pump on due to the antifreeze?
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    Pump RPMs

    I have a VS intelliflo pump that circulates my water. Last year I planned on backing off of the 2600 RPMs that the pool builder sets when opening to a lower more cost effective RPM of 1200-1500. We have a spa that overflows into the pool and when the pool worker came out to do some work last...
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    Gunite cracks

    We installed our pool three years ago and after the first year had significant cracks in the bottom of the pool between each of the in floor cleaners. They just got done repairing the cracks by applying a layer of something over each crack. They then repainted it. I noticed tonight that some of...
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    Lo-T setting

    On the main screen of my easy touch it says: Auto Lo-t Air How to I switch from Lo-T to pool mode?
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    How to get valves on

    I have a Pentair EasyTouch and can’t seem to get the valves to function. Is there a setting in the EasyTouch that turns them on after being closed for the winter? I’ve looked under circuits and valves in the EasyTouch but cant seem to figure it out. They won’t even respond when I move the manual...
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    Pentair valve actuator

    I am opening my pool for the first time and I am trying to get my valve actuators to "turn on". I have an easy touch and was wondering if I need to adjust a setting on the easy touch to get them to work. I tried to move them manually but they don't budge.
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    Opening pool - New Water

    We had some work done to our pool this spring and I am currently filling it with water. Tell me if my plan is off? 1. Add 22 bags of salt 2. Add CYA 3. Check Ph and correct 4. Check TA and CH and correct Is this the correct order or would you change anything?
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    adding chemicals before closing

    Our pool is still open but we are getting ready to close. Just tested and wasn't sure what to add. I use pool math and it is recommending borax but wasn't sure what to do about ph. Ph 7.0 Alk 120 cl 4 CYA 50
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    Screenlogic hardware placement

    I have a Pentair Screenlogic interface and wireless adapter. I have had them closeish to the pool and I was wondering if I could move them both to the basement where they are close to my wifi and hardwired or do they need to be close to the pool. Also, after a storm they seem to be temper...
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    Pentair communication issues

    I am unable to control my Pentair VS pump with my app or intellitouch. My spa side remote is also off. I can control all features with the panel. My intellitouch adapter has a red light and I have reset it and everything else multiple times. I have flipped the fuse switch for the pool to off...
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    Overshot Salt

    I guess my math was off when I calculated the gallons my pool has. Anyway, I added Salt last week and now I have 4700ppm. I have drained a little out but was curious if I should keep draining and refilling until I get to 3500? What is the downside of higher salt levels? Will it irritate eyes...
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    Cracks in Gunite

    We have a 2 year old pool that has multiple cracks in the bottom and sides of the pool. Most of the cracks are long and run between the infloor cleaners. The pool company that installed the pool just drained the pool and put something in each of the cracks. Then cracks might be fixed but the...
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    Bubble Machine help

    My wife decided it would be a good idea to buy a bubble machine and have a bubble party in our pool with our kids...just like she saw while we were on vacation in Jamaica. Well now the pH is at the highest reading even after I added 1 gallon of MA this morning. Any ideas or tips?
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    ScreenLogic schedule

    I have a ScreenLogic scheduled to run my pump from 7:01am -7:00am everyday. I have checked a few times throughout the week and the pump will not be running at all. Just curious to why the pump shuts off even though my schedule has it running all the time.
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    Cloudy again

    We swam last night and the pool was perfect. Woke up this morning and cloudy again!! I just got done with a slam 2 weeks ago. I passed all 3 tests but one thing I noticed was some slime on the sides in a few areas. I guess this should have gone away if I was really done with the slam...
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    Locating main drain

    I’m not sure if my main drain is on. I swam down there tonight And squirted some colored water and it doesn’t seem to uptake. I’m going to try to attach a picture of my equipment. How do I tell and make sure my main drain is functioning. My main concern is I have in floor cleaners and I want to...