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    Green Pool Due to Copper

    I am currently maintaining one of my relatives pool for them and go over every 3 days. Yesterday I elevated the chlorine level to make sure that the chlorine would be sufficient until I returned in 3 days. Last night they added some water (they are on well water) and left the hose on...
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    Wall suction cover and base fell off. Any way to secure to plaster?

    Working on a pool for a relative and they have a wall suction cover that screws into a base however the base appeared to be secured to the smooth plaster via 2 sided tape or something similar. The screws that secured the cover to the base were too long so when I went to put it back on after...
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    Sand Filter - Replace drain stem/assembly

    I am helping a family member with their pool and the drain stem / assembly has a crack and needs to be replaced. Since this is on the bottom of the sand filter would I need to remove all the sand to replace the drain stem / assembly? The filter is a Pentair Triton II TR-60.
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    Vacation Rental has a Pool

    I have been using the Trouble Free Pool method for several years now and have not swam in any other pools besides my own. However in August I will be going on vacation with the family and the house we are renting has a pool. I plan on bringing my test kit and if needed I will buy some bleach...
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    Last year I was one of the first in my neighborhood to open my pool. And I think as a result a duck decided to create a nest under my Japanese maple tree next to the pool. At first we thought this was great and enjoyed having the duck so close and the kids loved looking at the eggs...
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    Cleaning Pool Heater

    I have had my house and pool since Fall of 2009 and have never cleaned the burner assembly on my pool heater. I have decided to give it a try this year before opening the pool and I hope that this will help with the efficiency of the heater as well as keeping it in good shape. The pool heater...
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    Convert pool heater from Propane to Natural Gas

    I have an opportunity to buy a never been used Pentair Minimax Triton 400 BTU pool heater to replace may aging Pentair Minimax Triton 400 BTU pool heater. However the heater for sale is a propane heater and my current one is natural gas. Any idea how difficult and expensive it would be to...
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    Pool floated out of ground - News Story

    In case no one has ever seen a pool floated out of the ground or does not know the dangers of just draining your pool without knowing what to do. ... latestnews
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    Template Filter for DE Filter

    Does anyone know the importance of a Template Filter for a DE filter? Any issues if it is not used?
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    Absorb CH from CH Scale?

    I recently drained my pool and did a light acid wash. However I was unable to get all of the calcium scaling removed. My fill water has low CH (~90), it is my understanding that having low CH in the water can result in leeching CH from the plaster, would it be able to leech CH from the CH scaling?
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    Cicadas are coming

    I live on the East coast in VA. The Cicadas are suppose to be coming between late April and mid-May. Has anyone owned a pool the last time they were around (1996). I am really not sure on what kind of impact to expect. Will they be in the pool by the thousands or more or did they tend to...
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    Best pool investment

    So i have several things I would like to do to the pool this year, but will most likely be limited to one due to the budget. I would like the input of the community if possible on which one you think should be the top priority. The first item as stated in another thread is to drain, acid wash...
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    Staining caused by chlorine shock.

    In July of 2012, I applied Power Plus Powder shock directly to my pool (Gunite pool). However shortly after it was applied we lost power for approximately 12 hours. When I checked on the pool the next day there were dark stains on the bottom where the shock laid on the bottom. I have still...
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    FLO after pumps stop

    Spa: 1999 Sundance Optima 850 After the pumps turn off a FLO error is shown immediately. The pumps run again as programmed. Is this normal or an indication that something is bad or going bad? Rocco