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    Your thoughts on closing a bit ealry this year

    My regular routine is to put the cover on when the leaves start to fall. I leave the pump hooked up and run 2 hrs a day. I wait for the water temp to drop below 60 degrees before I blow the lines and pull the pump. That’s usually late October. I keep an eye on the chlorine and shock it the day...
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    Taking forever to open

    Sorry for your on going problems with your pool. But you have found site that will save the day if you commit to the procedure that are taught here. That begins with reading how it's done in pool school and buying the recommended test kit. Once you get that test kit and post your results, you...
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    New pool owner ... have already learned a ton here!

    You are also going to end up with some new toys I imagine. Just because you will save money with this method.
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    Hey...I'm new here. And losing my mind over my green pool haha!

    You really need to take some time and read the pool school section and educate yourself on the proper procedures. You will save time and money. You will also need the correct recommended test kit.
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    Hey, look! A pool came with this house!

    LOL, another tip for next winter is to let the chlorine level drop to zero and then add some live trout. Then when you get a hard freeze you can go ice fishing. I use wax worms for bait. They love em.
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    Year 3 pool opening, Confused on what just happened

    I think you could be right about the chlorine not being mixed. I think your first objective should of been getting all the junk out of the pool before you started your slam, give the chlorine a chance to do its job instead of being consumed by the debris in the pool. Second I would of made sure...
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    Pool liner

    I even find myself telling people " be careful in that corner, the liner is on its last leg and we could be sitting in here in lawn chairs if we have a blowout.
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    Pool liner

    That's my approach, mine is about that old also. Each yr. I think this may be the last, but she keeps holding water. I'm sure one day one of the tight areas will split and that will be it.
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    Serious help needed

    If somehow you could get your backwash hose back to the pool, you could vacuum to waste, with the backwash hose into a leaf net, held over the pool. You could get the big debris out that way, then use the filter to get the small stuff.
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    Opening Pool - How to Prime Pump

    Make sure your pump lid gasket is in good shape. I always lube mine with silicone and clean off any crud to insure a clean seal. We don't want to be sucking air for nothing.
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    Finally finished my slam..

    I think your problem is from iron in your local water supply. The AA treatment works for this but it is a temporary fix. You will be doing it every year. I had the same problem and the way I finally got ahead of the game was to capture rain water and snow melt.Over the course of 4 yrs now my...
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    Strange white film - out of nowhere

    Looks like pollen. Do you have film of pollen on your car or outside table?
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    Anyone swimming yet?

    My oak trees haven't finished dropping there junk yet. My cover is still on and my pump has been hooked up for over a month and running 1.5 hr a day with water balanced. I think it will be good to go in another week. Of course I need to get on the roof with a leaf blower and blow that off first...
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    My 4th year DIY opening, a new hurdle this year, some questions

    Your skimmers and filter won't work with the water that low. I would fix the leak, use leaf net to get the big stuff out and refill. Then you can vacuum to get other debris out, then slam / adjust the water like you always do. Get out all the debris so the chlorine/bleach is more effective.
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    trouble priming pump at pool opening

    Take the garden hose and go around and fill the pipes through the skimmers and returns. Last fill the pump and make sure your filter lid gasket is in good shape. Flip on the pump and see it that helps.
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    Please help, struggling first timer here.

    Man that's a mess, once you get the pump working, I would first push all those leaves to one area with your brush and then vacuum to waste. All that junk will bypass the filter and save you a little frustration. Just be quick about it because you will lower your water.
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    Opening pool with "dead" water

    ( That's the only thing I haven't done yet because the note from the old owner said the suction is much better if you keep one skimmer plugged while vacuuming.) You can do this for better suction. I have to do this also. Works good.
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    Bleached liner after startup?

    Well since it was the same company that installed, closed and opened. Call up the owner and have him come take a look. You either got a cheap liner or they used to much chlorine.
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    New to Forum - New pool owner

    Welcome, In a short time you will have control of that pool. The best thing I did was spend time reading everything in pool school a few times. This site will save you time, money and frustration.
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    leak detection

    I would first look all around where the water line level is now. The leak may be there and that's where the water stopped. If the water keeps falling then it's somewhere else.
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    Vacuuming Options to Remove Waste

    Just another tip. My local rental place rents portable filter units like pool maintenance people use. These things have there own filter and pump high amount of water in a short time. Maybe a few phone calls could help solve your problem.
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    Making use of Spring Rain...

    Just use the garden hose and siphon the water off. Then that should make it a lot easier to remove the cover with out getting the remaining debris in the water.
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    Reducing CYA, the Tarp method

    That's brilliant! Great job.
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    Vacuuming Options to Remove Waste

    Re: Post-Winter SLAM You just need to " MacGyver it ". Vacuume to waste, backwash hose end empties back into pool, but strains through leaf net. Of course your back wash hose is not long enough to reach back to pool, so you need to splice on your vacuum hose. After you get all the organic...
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    CYA cause increase in Sand Filter Pressure

    I never had that happen when I added CYA the same way as you did. Now DE is another story, it takes just a very little bit of that, 1/3 cup and if the pollen is high, I have to backwash in about 3 hrs cause my preasure builds so much. Is it possible you still have some DE in there and as the...
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    Merlin Smart Mesh Cover

    I have a mesh cover and heavy tree cover to boot (oak trees) Sure I get debris in the pool that strains through the cover plus a few leaves that blow under the edges and end up in the water, pollen that never ends. But my pool always opens up clear because I keep close tabs on the water temp. In...
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    What to do with antifreeze in the filter?

    The first thing I do after I hooked up the pump from winter storage is to switch the valve to vacuum to waste,pull return and skimmer plugs, prime pump and turn it on. Everything in the lines will go out the backwash line.
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    purpose of rubber hose in skimmer basket

    The hose was probably put in there for ice expansion. Some people use plastic bottles, cut up pool noodles, and the pool gizzmos that are made for that purpose. It's purpose is to keep ice from cracking the plastic box when it freezes. That's the only thing I can think off. Like you said, you...
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    Need Help Liner issue - Air or Water

    How old is the liner? The first pic looks like an old liner ( like mine) my corners are starting to stretch and I think yours are too. I can almost tell on my pool in a few places where it has stretched, a split will be next. Mine has a sand bottom and sides and I just think over the years that...