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    Is this normal? Seepage at penetration.

    Water is seeping through a penetration... only one like this. Thoughts?
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    Question on plumbing for pool spa

    Approx 33,000 gallon pool with integrated infinity edge spa. Looking to see if the pump/plumbing will be enough for the spa and pool. I know it is all 2” piping and intelliflo VSF pump. From what I’ve read, each jet has a flow rate 10-15 gpm, but the 2” pipe doesn’t seem to support that...
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    New pool build- gunite install issues

    Part of gunite is crumbling off one section and some rebar for string line was left in place in two places by the installer. Best way to fix?
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    Pool dug in wrong spot

    New member here. Just had a pool dug and excavator misread the plans... it’s off about 8’. It will now put one pool wall in the middle of the dug pool without virgin compacted dirt against it. What’s the proper way ensure the new wall is supported correctly and long lasting?