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    single 2"suction line presure limits

    so i have a 10k gallon pool that has an attached elevated spa. It has 3 main drains (2" individual pipes) and one skimmer line (2") for suction and three 2" pipes that feed 5 returns and 6 spa jets... Since i have the intelliflo vsf, i am not sure how much gpm can the system take when i am in...
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    SWG max flow without producing chlorine

    So i have an intelliflo vsf on my 10k gallon pool and i just installed an ichlor 30 on the pool return line. I read that this SWG requires a minimum of 20 gpm and a maximum of 105 gpm to operate but it doesnt say anything about absolute max gpm without operation to prevent damage... Sometimes i...
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    TF-100 Chlorine Drop Test Turns Violet not clear?

    Hi, I bought this TF-100 kit less than 5 months ago and started using it since now my pool has been built. So when I do this test, I add the scoop of the powder and it turns into a deep pink, then I start adding the drops of the reagent and after a couple it turns into a light violet color, not...
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    Question about bonding agents and plaster

    So the rumor going on the street is that when you joint two cement products together you need some kind of bonding agent.. I have used them and what I have noticed is that they turn the surface a bit rough. Since plaster is a cement product, why pool builders dont use a bonding agent before...
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    Testing Pressure With Equipment?

    I am diy a pool and i am currently testing pipes and equipment with water. I am at 30 psi and everything seems so be holding well, will pushing it more would it damage the equipment? I have two pentair pumps, the filter and a small pentair mastertemp heater.
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    Airbar on Spa / Jacuzzi floor

    Has anyone installed a paramount airbar or similar setup on the jacuzzi floor? It looks interesting and different than standard setups.
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    Wrong Hole Skimmer Plumbing

    During my pool build, i noticed that the skimmer was plumbed on the front hole vs the back. Is this ok? My setup wont use an equilizer line, one hole is plugged from bottom.
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    Thin glass tiles?

    is there any issues with thinner glass tiles vs thicker ones?
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    Puerto Rico Shootcrete Nightmare

    Its been one thing after the other for me, my pool was shotcrete last friday and the crew had a lot of issues. This pool is a geometrical style and has about 12' x 28' with an infinity spa, etc, etc.. I got quoted 28 yards to complete this job and they divided 3 trucks with 10 yards on 1st, 2nd...
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    Rebar Oxidizing

    Im building a pool and gunite preparation has taken longer than expected but its coming next week Friday. I have noticed that some rebar is starting to get a layer of rust, would this be an issue down the road?
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    Pool Build #2

    So long story short, we built a pool in Maryland last year and I got an offer to move overseas, etc and we took it, now we are in Puerto Rico (very close to family)... We sold the house pre covid-19 (fortunately) and we were able to get about 75-80% of what I paid for the pool so that was better...
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    [FS] Jandy Aqualink Automation Pool & Spa Subpanel with Aquapure (Salt Cell module) and Wifi

    This is a 2 year old system that I bought from a local individual who had issues with the pool and neighbors property line. He was going to leave the house foreclose and he sold everything he could. I build a pool this year but turns out I am moving out of state and I wont be installing this...
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    Just Finished Building Pool, Got a Job Offer Across Country

    I am not sure how I am feeling right now, but I am really having a mix of emotions...... We just build an 18k gallon pool and I have received another job offer that is really hard to pass.... It is closer to all my family, weather is in the 70-90 year round and cost of living is less than where...
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    Plastered 1 Month ago, Thinking on not Covering to Monitor & Adjust PH

    My pool was plastered about 1 month ago, unfortunately the project got delayed and was supposed to end a month earlier.... I keep reading about pools that where plastered in the fall and quickly closed then opened up to calcium scale on spring and the plasters feels very rough. There is no easy...
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    Old But Legendary Robots?

    Curious to see if there are any solid robots that have been working well for more than 5-10 years? Just spoke to an individual that says that his old dolphin diagnostics robot was much better than a polaris that he bought recently..
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    Stains on new plaster

    My pool was plastered on Monday and i have been noticing some brown spots on it. Pool was filled up in about 30 hours using a garden hose.... This is what i have done so far: 1. Added jacks magenta stuff while fill up 2. Been checking ph daily and adding acid to balance it 3. Been brushing...
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    "Magenta stuff" Given by PB to Add in New Plastered Pool Fill

    Hello everyone! I am in the final phases of my pool (18k gal), next week, the plaster crew will arrive and I was given two bottles of "Jack's Magic Magenta Stuff" so I can add 1 entire bottle during initial fill-up, 1/2 bottle after one week and the other 1/2 bottle after an additional week...
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    Risks of new plaster and no circulation for 5+ days

    So here is my situation, I am building a pool and the plaster phase is next but I will be taking off from August 21st - 31st and wont be available to monitor anything related to the pool. The PB promised the pool by the first week of august but long story short, after they get almost all your...
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    Winterizing the Pool Drain Lines

    I have a curious question on how to winterize pool drain lines.... So I know you have to put air pressure to the system to drain water out, it seems easy on the return lines and skimmer lines since these will be below water level.... But what about drain lines? once you get the majority of the...
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    Water softener salt for saltwater conversion

    My pool is brand new and i will be converting to salt after 30 days of new plaster. I can get 15 bags of dura cure water softener salt from one of my neighbors for $60 and seems like a good deal. Was wondering if this salt can be used on a new pool. I have read that you can use it on an existing...
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    Cleaner line conversion to a regular return?

    So my pool builder is adding a cleaner line to my pool, its standard practice for them. This is basically just an independent line that runs from the equipments to the pool and you can move a valve to control the pressure, there is a pressure gauge there too. Since I am planing to buy a robotic...
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    New Saltwater pool, when to add quemicals and on what order

    I have a 18k galon pool that i am building right now, it should be ready early August. I have been reading that I need to wait about 15-30 days in order to let the new plaster cure before adding salt. I did some research around but I am finding different answers. My questions are as follows: 1...
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    Citric Acid for cleaning Cells?

    I know a lot of people use muriatic acid for cleaning salt cells and im guessing it does a good job but I have also read that it reduces the life of your cell. I was wondering if anyone have tried dipping overnight in citric acid? Thats what people use to clean prosumer and commercial coffee...
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    How old is this cell?

    I was offered a jandy pcl1400 cell “1 year old” for $100. It seems like a good deal to me if it’s working and looks to be one of the newer models but just curious if anyone knew when did Jandy change from the old style to this style.
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    Differences in jandy plc1400 sensors (2 kinds)

    I am looking for the Janday PLC 1400 salt cell for my aqualink unit. I noticed that there are two kind of sensors being sold, anyone know the differences? I am really having a hard time finding out.
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    What is needed to convert to saltwater?

    I am in the process of building a pool in my house and would like to convert it myself to saltwater (PB wants way too much IMO). I was looking at the IntelliChlor IC40 salt cel and keep finding good things about it but I am not sure what else to buy other than this, salt, the power supply and a...
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    Pool Covers, mesh vs solid?

    Hey folks, I am searching for a pool cover, even though my pool has not been built (in process) I am going to shop around. Can someone explain to me the differences of mesh vs solid pool covers? I live in Maryland
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    New pool build Geometrical 18000 gallons in Maryland

    Hello everyone! Me and my wife are going to be building a pool in our back yard. I grew up on a house with a pool and have fantastic memories from childhood that we want to experience with our kids (2 and 7). Our pool will have a geometrical shape will be about 3.5' - 6' deep, 35' long,16' wide...