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    After new VS pump installation - leak exposed?

    I recently installed a new VS pump. I did my own plumbing, it was in and out, an easy job. I'm losing water, for December in South Florida I don't recall evaporation to be an issue in past seasons. I don't see any evident leaks on the new connections. Nor I see watermarks or any puddles near...
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    NEW to VS pumps - How to calculate turnaround?

    I just replaced my old single speed pump with a Hayward TriStar 1.85HP VS pump. I have 1.5" plumbing. How can I calculate the flow rate GPM at XX RPM with this pump and this plumbing size? My goal is to use this information to schedule my different speeds and intervals to move the 13k...
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    CYA jumped to 100 with pool-math calculation

    Scratching my head, usually the math works great. I added 3lbs dry CYA for my 13K gallon pool that measured 40ish CYA to try to take it to SWG recommended level of 70. I also added salt, calcium, acid, recently. Reasons I’m our of wack: dear kids left the water hose Inside pool overnight and...
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    Will this work as an aerator?

    Will this works as an aerator if I place it on the steps? I'm looking for hassle-free solution, need to lower my TA. Thank you!
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    Are these algae or stains?

    I’ve got these for a couple of weeks now. It’s only two places in the entire pool surface. Are these stains? If so, course of action? Big thank you!
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    SGW conversion day

    Finaly after months of reno and susequent issues today I’m pouring the salt! Some pictures below. Question, I had to pour almost 7 bags. I aleady did 5 and want to test (taylor salt kit) before continuing. How long shouId I wait to test? Thnx!
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    SLAM levels - effects in readings?

    Quick question, I’ve read in the past that high FC levels affects pH readings. Does it affects any of the other tests? Alkalinity, Calcium, CYA? Thnx!
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    Filter "exploited"

    Don't even know where to start here. Well, see the pictures. Some background story: - Both the filter encasing and the cartridge not more than 3 months of usage. - Pool recently resurfaced (November 2018) - Big areas of decoloration after the 30-day curing process (proper chemistry kept and...
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    Filter too small?

    Im redoing my piping while pool company is working on new deck, waterline tile and new plaster. To show off I showed the main guy my work so far and he commented that my current filter might be too small for my pool. He's not trying to up-sell me because he actually said that he cant compete...
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    Any ideas what this pipe might be for?

    I'm redoing my equipment plumbing and I'm wandering what the stand alone pipe at the left might be for. It's been disconnected - and uncapped -since I got the house. The equipment piping - coming from the pool also - is 1.5" but the one in question is 1". Ideas? Maybe #1: There is a closed...
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    Circupool RJ+ conduit?

    Is there a way to run conduit from the control panel to the timer housing? Pictures I've seen usually show the wire without it. I'm having trouble understanding how to get the power cord into the timer housing "safely". I guess I will need something like this...
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    Plumbing best practices

    I'm about to re-pipe my setup. Got some nice Jandy NeverLube valves. Per instructions I'm already got WeldOn 724 and matching primer. Now, in regards to fittings, coupling, and piping, can someone please point me to a good source of "best practices" for pool plumbing? Like, what to avoid, what...
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    What size unions

    I'm about to repipe my pump/filter setup. Getting Jandy Neverlube valves to replace lower quality red valves. I want to be future ready and I've seen videos where they use unions in key connections in case things need to change. I have a Pentair Wisperflow pump with a C900 Hayward filter. 1)...
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    Please review my "math" - SWG

    Premise: Thinking on making the move to a SWG. So far I've found that 48oz of 10% Leslie's Chlorine at 30ish CYA is the sweet spot for my pool. Thanks to the suggestions and information on this forum it's been almost two years of beautiful blue water. I still test and adjust when needed. I run...
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    Cleaner on skimmer port

    I only have the skimmer port as an option to plug my Aquanaut 200. Is there any option/adapter/ideas that somehow would allow me to switch between the two? I usually leave the cleaner plugged in but then I get too much floating debris. Thnx.
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    Feces in the pool - unknown source, probably racoon

    I woke up today to this: feces in my beautiful blue water. Way to close 2017 :thumbdown:. Don't know the source. I can only speculate raccoon as we have many, many, in the area. First time this happens since I live in this home in little longer than 2 years. Gross alert :!:, skip this line if...
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    Huge leaf stain after Hurricane Irma

    Got back home after leaving for a week because of hurricane Irma. Although water was blue, it was full of leafs. There was a huge pile of them by the deep end drain cover. After removing all the leafs there is a huge stain under where that big pile was. Last night I added a jug (2.5 Gal 10%)...
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    pH raises constantly

    Hi, Since I've been testing daily with the Taylor K-2006 I've notice my pH constantly raising. Today it sits at 7.7. No more than 3 days ago it was at 7.8 and I added 12oz of muriatic acid to bring it around 7.4. Is this normal? Thnx
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    AquaNaut® 200 - Need new tires, there are 4 options

    I need new tires for the AquaNaut®200. Looking at Hayward site, there are 4 possible parts I can look for (please see pictures below). No explanation on the web about the difference. 10a seems to be the ones to get by elimination process .I'm ruling out 10b because by looking at the diagram...
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    Hayward AquaRite 900 vs SwimPure Extreme

    Shopping around for a Hayward SWG. Any differences between AquaRite 900 vs SwimPure Extreme? Are these pool store only? I haven't been able to find them online (not the 900 nor the Extreme). I found on amazon the AquaRite (it doesn't mention the 900 model)...
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    Taylor K-2006 FAS-DPD: Chlorine 10ml test, one or two scoops?

    I've seen this mentioned on other post and wanted to make sure I'm getting it right. If doing the K-2006 FAS-DPD Chlorine test with a 10ml sample I only need one scoop of the powder? I've been adding two since the test instructions under the lid don't mention otherwise. Another aspect that...
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    High CYA - Green algae - First Taylor K-2006 FAS-DPD test

    I'm new to the forum. I'm new to testing the pool water myself. I'm new to pool water issues. I've already had to replace my pump motor, did it myself, very proud of it. The story About 8 months ago I started maintaining my pool. I've been adding 1.25 gallons (half a jug) of pool store liquid...