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    Pool side movies

    This is an idea I've tossed around for a while. I've been thinking about hosting dive in movie nights. My pool is 32' x 18' so I'd use the width to project the movies. One side of the pool butts up to the side of the garage making it a good spot to set up the screen. The opposite side has...
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    Balancing act

    As a newbie when it comes to pool maint. and chemistry I have to admit I'm struggling to get my head around how it all works. When we opened the pool this year (our first season) the water was surprisingly clear and the chlorine and Ph according to the liquid tests, and the water has stayed...
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    New pool owners

    Hi, my wife and are new to owning/operating a pool. We recently moved and bought a house that has an 18' x 32' in ground gunite pool. To give some background neither of us have ever had or owned a pool before so there has definitely been a learning curve, but, one we are enjoying. It's so...