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  1. J

    Need pressure side pool cleaner for big leaf debris (ideally no booster needed)

    Hi ... my pool installer had given me a The Pool Cleaner (pressure side, no booster, with a leaf bag) which worked well but broke and I'm looking for a new cleaner since that model is no longer made. Any recommendations on something similar. Ideally no booster so I can very easily pop it in...
  2. J

    Breaker tripping when freeze termostat trips

    Here there, question for the pool experts. Recently when its been cold (in NC) my pump breaker has been tripper. I've narrowed it down to when the freeze protection in my mechanical intermatic timer goes off, the breaker the question is, do you think I can just replace the...
  3. J

    Hayward The Pool Cleaner (aka. Poolvergnuegen) keeps falling over

    Hey there, anyone know how to solve a problem with a 'The Pool Cleaner' (formely knows as Poolvergnuegen) which falls on its side and doesn't recover? I've read it could be placement of the floats but not sure what the right placement is...any other ideas? Thanks!
  4. J

    New pool stains / citric acid

    Hi there. I have a new dark plaster pool and apparently pretty hard water. Water is balanced now but pH was very high first month or two and have a lot of white/lighter stains and streaks (I expect some with dark plaster but not this much) so believe some is calcium. PH and alkalinity much lower...
  5. J

    Control pump from integrated Hayward Ecostar timer or external timer/freeze control?

    I have a Hayward Ecostar pump and my pool installer also installed an external (mechanical) timer and freeze protection box. They setup the times/freeze on the mechanical box but I've been optimizing speeds/times on the pump and feel like the Ecostar has a lot more control/granuality (ex...
  6. J

    Run or not to run spa when not in use?

    New pool owner question. My pool has a spa in the corner, with a small spillover, I'm not sure if I should run the spa drain/return always or only when in use? If I run it always, there will be constant spillover and my pH is high (which I think the spillover might contribute to). If I don't...
  7. J

    Dry acid

    I'm having to lower my pH regularly on my new pool, which I understand is to be expected. I use small doses (say 2lb) of dry acid, can I add that directly in the deep in by the main drains or so I need to dissolve first? Can it ruin my plaster of I just add the acid?
  8. J

    Freeze protection pump speed

    Hi member with a new pool, approx 20k gallons, in NC with tempa that will drop in teens or 20s every now and then but not regularly. I have freeze protection set to 42deg but question is, for the pump timer at night when normally it would be off, what rpm should I set it to in case...