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    Any Canadian's want a TF-100?

    I need a refill, and would like to save on shipping. I'll be doing a US trip and would be willing to bring one back.
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    New tub arriving on Monday

    So we have our tub being delivered on Monday. Very excited to finally get it, and just in time for fall! We have a salt water pool with the Intellichlor and things have gone mostly smooth for the summer. Bromine is the “de facto” standard for spa’s, but since we have a chlorine pool should we...
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    New pool owner, SWG questions

    So our pool was installed, and started up a month ago. Builder dumped in some chlorine, and salt, and left us to our own devices. Things have been going pretty well, you can view my Pool Math logs in my profile. I've been trying to decide if it's better to run the pump longer with a lower SWG...
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    "Ideal" levels for pool equipment

    So I have a new pool install and had a couple chemistry questions. Current: FC 5.0 CC 0.0 pH 7.5 TA 80 CH 120 CYA 70 Salt 3000 (Test strips) (Adding salt later today) Equipment is Pentair IC40, MasterTemp heater. In Ground Vinyl lined 10,000 Gallon. Per the TFP CYA chart, I think my numbers...
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    Waterfall as aeration?

    So yesterday, I had a pH of 7.8 and TA of 120. I added 900 mL 31.45% Muriatic Acid, and this morning I'm showing pH 7.2, TA 110. I'm working on getting the TA down while keeping pH within acceptable limits. I have two returns and a waterfall, so I'll plan on using those for aeration. How...