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    Replacing Pump

    Can anyone recommend where to purchase a new pump or if I should just get the pool place to come out and do it? We have a Pentair WFE-26 1.5HP pump and recently were hit with 2 hurricanes and flooding. Now it sounds like our pump is screaming. The panel says to also check salt level (registering...
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    Please help--newbie here and need help with next steps

    I have just purchased my TF-100 kit and did all the tests. Numbers were not bad. But there is something still not ridding my pool from algae sinking back to the bottom after brushing, vacuuming, backwashing, etc. We've been doing this for about a week. The water is CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! But there is...
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    First time test

    I just got my TF-100 kit and wanted to get your opinions about my readings and how to get my water has some cloudiness Ph 7.5 Cl 5 Br 10 Calcium Hardness 175ppm Chlorine 12.5 ppm FC and no chloramines Alkalinity 100 CYA 60 Any info is appreciated...thanks!
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    New Member

    Hi to all! I have had an inground pool for about 10 years and have always brought water samples to a local pool place to determine what chemicals I would need to make the water right. We were just hit with Hurricane Laura so our local pool place isn't open and I'm not very wise in water testing...