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    Securing Confer Ladder

    I have a 16' x 48' Intex XTR and a Confer Model 7100X ladder that I would like to secure to the ground. My entire backyard is blacktop, so the pool is set up on foam insulation boards and foam puzzle floor mats. Trouble is, all that foam makes the ladder unstable. I thought about adding...
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    Can you recommend Thru-wall skimmer for Intex pool?

    I have a 16x48 Intex XTR. I had been using the skimmer off the old Summer Escapes 14 foot pool, but it collapsed and cracked so I need a new one skimmer to replace it with. Thanks, everyone.
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    Cant find SLAM instructions on the site.

    Can someone please link me?
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    Non-pool related topic Can't find Stud in wall.

    So in my 2nd story bedroom, more like a half story, with an knee-wall, I'm trying to find the stud behind this old...maybe particle board??? type paneling, not sure, it's plain wallpapered over as well, to mount a small 20 (it might be 24 inch) TV, but I can find a stud. The house is 103...
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    How do I patch THIS?!

    Well, you have a seam there and it's going to be hard to get the patch to seal around that seam. If I'm looking at this photo right. I think you *might* be looking at getting another liner. Teald024's advice is good. But, with that seam, it's going to be hard. And, I think you're going to...
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    Thru-wall Skimmer for Intex?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a wide mouth, thru-wall skimmer for an Intex 16x48. I'm using the small Summer Escapes skimmer off my old pool, and it's working, but I get a lot of leaves in pool from the Black walnut tree(on the neighbors property that he was said he was going to cut down...
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    Intex Pool Sprinkler/Sprayer Ideas?

    While I wait for the weather to act right, I've been wondering what kind of sprinkler I could add to my new Intex 16x48 XTR Ultra Frame. Because I installed the thru-wall skimmer where the return would have been, and made one of the suction side holes the return, and just put an large...
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    Too cold to run SWG?

    According to my phone, it's 48 degrees outside. Is it too cold to run the generator?
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    Intex XTR legs CREAKING!

    Has anyone else experienced this? The legs on our new 16 x 48 creak like crazy when the kids are in the pool splashing around. It is level. All legs are plumb on their front and sides, all top rails are level. I'm not worried it's going to collapse. It's not completely full yet, but about a...
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    Intex Waterfall Cascade anyone?

    I'm debating if I want to invest in the Intex Waterfall Cascade thingamabob this year. I had a Summer Escapes pool last year and had been using their sprinkler/sprayer attachment and the kids love it. It could go really high, it was like a shower over the pool. And the giggles out of the kids...