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    Intex 32x16 Skimmer Suggestions - What Works Best?

    All, first year pool owner and looking to make pool life more enjoyable vs always trying to maintain it. I'm discovering that the included intex skimmer is okay but perhaps not outstanding. Do those magic skimmers work? (skim around I think its called) Or do you just do it right and put one...
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    Pump Maintenance - Simple Directions on What I should be doing for Maintenance (32x16 above ground)

    Please just tell me what I should be doing and how frequently :)
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    Do it right once recommendation 32x16 above ground pool cover!

    Thanks in advance! I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on purchasing a cover for a 32x16 pool. I will take the pool down in the winter due to Iowa weather but am looking for two things: 1) Easy to take off and put on and not having it laying in the yard. (Roller would be ideal) 2) Warm the water...
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    New Owner, 32x16 Intex Salt Water Pool

    Thanks in advance! I purchased the below pool and to be honest have not found the intex instructions all that easy to follow. The pool was just filled, I added nine 40lb bags of salt and that's where I'm at :) Initial questions: 1) How long do you let the pump run, are there settings and...