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    Any gas line gurus in here ?

    Trying to figure out largest NG heater I can run . I have 2psi pressure 180’ length 3/4” pipe. Thanks
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    Water fall issues

    This is season 5 for pool , start of season it was fine but I have noticed that the middle waterfall started having less and less pressure . I don’t think I’m losing water . One valve directs 100% of the water to the 3 waterfalls . Any ideas ?
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    Pentair Mastertemp , Is the ASME worth the money?

    Im sorry but I can not find the search feature on the forums. I am looking to add this in series with my heat pump, What does the extra 4-500 get you ?
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    Black staining on plaster from rebar repair

    Pool builder had to cut out some of the pool because rebar was to close and the metal fragments now have stained the plaster black. What chemical should I use for this ?
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    Would like to add a Pentair Gas Heater in combination with my heat pump .

    Where/how would I plumb this ? Inline before or after the heat pump ?
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    Slam in progress FC still way low

    Started a new thread for the slam. 42000 gallons swg i added 9 jugs of 128 oz 10% which should have taken me to atleast 20 , I have a FC of 7 I waited 30 minutes after adding to retest , I have the pump running at 3000. add more bleach? Or wait and re test - - - Updated - - - And CC now...
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    Do I need to shock?

    My pump was down for 3 days , 2 of which we had a ton of people swimming and water got cloudy. Once pump was fixed 2 days ago I can’t get FC level past .5 even if I throw in 5-6 120 oz jugs. The water is almost clear now but still can’t get FC level up, do I shock? Also noticed water got green...
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    Is this algae or pollen?

    Water is crystal clear and levels in check. - - - Updated - - - Ike more - - - Updated - - - Also notice I’m getting this stuff in the robot it is in the form of a sponge almost
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    Diamond Brite repair at end of last season, now black stain

    Last year the pool was new , I had a rust spot near a light in deep end, at end of season they drained pool cut out rust spot and patched, now seeing pool first time this season I have what looks like black sand stains on the deep end floor underneath where repair was made. Scrubbing does...
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    New pool salt has been in a month now, numbers look ok?

    FC 2.5 CC 0 TC 2.5 tested with TFP kit thanks
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    Quad de clean and recharge did I do it right?

    I took out all filters and hosed them clean, i then added 8lbs of de cartridge powder as a slurry into skimmer the product I used is listed in link below the reason I ask is because it's a different color (white) then what...
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    1 week down on new plaster pool, will be swg in 3 weeks, questions

    Thanks for all the help so far this site is awesome! 45k gallon diamondbrite , I'm battling high Alk with muratic acid and I have been adding bleach(not same time) , can't get the alk down and can't get the fac up, should I be adding anything else? Will be turning swg on in about 2 weeks. Is...
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    Can't get alkaline down , new plaster pool

    Diamondbrite day 6 ph6.8 alk 220 FAC 0 im afraid to add more muratic acid because ph is getting to low, I'm afraid to start adding bleach till I get ph and alkaline right. what do I do?
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    High phosphates new plaster pool (5 days old)

    Besides adding muratic acid and jacks magic magenta and calcium hardner I have been scrubbing twice daily. I now have high phosphates my levels are as follows. ph 7.4 alk 90 calcium hardness 320 cyanuric acid 10 fac 0 phosphates 500 any thoughts on the high phosphates ? Was that from adding...
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    New pool deep end floor drain/skimmer question

    Not sure what they are called but the 2 deep end ports that suck water back to the pump; how hard should they be sucking? I ask this because when I'm brushing the pool down it does not seem to suck in the dirt even when I sweep it right on top of it, today I jumped in and put my hands on both of...
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    Does adding instant conditioner also add free chlorine?

    Turning up new pool and trying to raise both FAC and CYA or do I add bleach first then instant conditioner thanks
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    Quad De pentair filter

    Do add DE to the skimmer and let the filter suck it up or it already in the cartridge? thanks
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    Diamondbrite first week what can and can't do?

    I'm on day 3 I have been adding maradic acid and ph has been mid to high 7s, today I added half of the recommended calcium hardness plus , the pool builder put chlorine tabs in the skimmers on day 1, also I have brushed twice daily and see some cloudiness when I do. i have been told that I...
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    Best product to enhance travertine?

    In the process of installing Noche travertine pavers (about 1/2 done) and I love the way it looks when it's wet, I would like to enhance it but am wondering if it will make them slippery and which brands/products are recommended. thanks
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    Size Pipe and material to put in walkway for volleyball net?

    I'm thinking 2" pipe in the walkway on both sides of the shallow end for volleyball nets. 2" sound right? Plastic or metal conduit? It will be cut flush or recessed a little under pavers? This is all new to me Thanks!
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    Saw cut vs bullnose bluestone coping, need help/opinions

    I want to do bluestone coping for my under construction ug sw pool. It's 12$lf for saw cut vs 20$ bullnose and my pool is 20x50 with a tanning area . I need about 190 liner feet so the cost difference is big. My question is will the saw cut edge be sharp? There will be a lot of children in the...