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    Lost CYA

    I had to turn up my SCG all the way up, and should not have to. My TFP SWG pool was at 70 CYA last year, and has, in fact, been 100% trouble free and crystal clear. So I checked my CYA level for giggles, but I was under the assumption you can’t lose CYA unless you lose water, which I have...
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    SWG: How do CCs turn back into salt?

    I'm struggling with basic chemistry, and/or basic understanding. Here is what I *think* I know: So, I have an SWG. H2O and NaCl. With the SWG, I get out chlorine, a base and an acid. Somehow that chlorine gas turns back to salt; but what about CCs "burning off" due to the sun? Is that...
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    EasyTouch Nightime Cooling

    OK, so I *think* I have my solar cooling enabled. Max temp set higher than Set temp in Heat menu. But my questions are: Will the set point trigger also start up the pump? How do I get the pump to kick on if/when the array is cool enough, but not turn on if it is not Can I just sent 4...
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    Fountain coolers--what performance are you getting?

    Some of you are using fountains to cool your pools. Ive got a few queations: 1) how many fountains/sprayers do you have? 2) what type? 3) how many degrees per day reduction in temperature do you get? 4) do they work better during the day? Or night? 5) do they work when the relative humidity is...
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    Hot Water and CYA--cheap alternative to liquid?

    I was reading the directions on my brothers CYA package, and it says you can dissolve it into hot water, and just poured it in the pool. 1) will CYA dissolve in hot water quickly? 2) if hot is good, will boiling water be better? 3) if so, would you still need to wait a day before you test?
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    TFP--Why does it work so well?

    OK, I've been thinking about this question for awhile. So I'm not looking for lots of rah rahs, and cheering from TFP fans. I'm more interested in the math, facts, chemistry, and data. The TFP approach is really great. My pool is ridiculously crystal clear, and on it's worst day, it looks...
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    CSI low: Raise TA? Raise CH?

    I realized I had a bad CH measurement in Pool Math. So my current CSI is lower than I'd like. (-0.75). So I'd like to raise it up to -0.3, or so. I think the simplest way is to either raise TA or CH. Am I right? Is there another option? Now that my water softener is working, I'm only...
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    Salt in pools

    One more thing. All pools are salt pools. Let's say your 30kgal pool is using 8.25 chlorine and your pool used 3FC a day. That's 5ppm of salt you just added. So after 600 days, you have. 5*600=3000 ppm salt pool. I understand and this is an exceptional amount of FC use, but typical in summer...
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    Dolphin DX6 near San Diego--anyone interested in buying one?

    I have a DX6 which has been working great for me for a while. It is the same as a Triton and same as a Premier (I'm Pretty sure). I want to get a bluetooth enabled one, so I'm not really in a rush, but am willing to sell for a good price. I've got the caddy, but have never used it; and the...
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    AquaBright Ecofinish--Alternative to Acid Washing

    So the short story is, so far, I like the Acquabright! My pool has never looked or felt anywhere near this good since I've owned it (~6+years). I'll post pics and videos later. So here is the long story (what the heck, in case someone else is wondering). So my nice soft SWG pool water seemed...
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    Pentair T40FG

    I'm considering installing this automatic pool filler. I've ran my pump dry too many times. I think I have to drill a hole in the side of the pool and then tunnel, under the deck. I have a water source pretty close to where I'd put it, and it seems reliable enough. I'd rather do something less...
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    Help! Pool math leads me to CSI of -0.65?

    So I'm getting ready to put in new water into my SWG pool, and am looking for my targets. So so I ran pool math, shooting for the middle of the range on all measures, with a starting salt level of 3000. PH - 7.6 TA - 70 CH - 170 (I tested my tap water) CYA-75 ok, good, so I'm right in the...
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    CYA Reducer?

    Seems too good to be true? Bio-Active 14430 Cyanuric Acid Reducer
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    San Diego Escondido Pool Drain, Acid Wash Contractor Recommendation

    I'm in Escondido CA, north of San Diego, and am looking for a pool company that can acid wash my Plaster pool, now that TFP has helped me figure out why I was getting so much calcium deposition. I believe I can keep it clean, so I want to have it acid washed, have a few missing tiles reset...
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    Pentair IC60 and Easytouch8-SWG cycling on/off

    I'm hoping someone here is familiar with Pentair troubleshooting. So similar to a recent poster, my pool guy has been dumping tons of chlorine into my SWG pool. The unit (IC40) was ~5 yrs old, and not making FC, so I figured it didn't owe me anything. I wish he would have told me. So I...
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    Install a Spa light niche into a pool light niche?

    I've got a pool light in my Spa. It is quite bright. Im wondering a few things: 1) if I switch to a spa light, will it really knock down the brightness commensurate with the effort? 2) can I pile cement into the pool light niche and inset a spa light niche without too much trouble? 3) has...
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    How am I doing?

    Ok, so I -think- I'm done SLAM-ing. Night0-FC24->Morn1-FC18.5->FC24(I added chlorine and MA) Night1-FC21->Morn2-FC22 (measurement error?) Night2-FC22->Morn2-FC23 (measurement error?) So so I have 2 nights where I -think- I'm not consuming FC. So my plan today is to NOT amp it back up tonight...
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    Here goes...Quad DE 80 upgrade

    Ok, so leaking DE from my very old FNS48 lead me to upgrade. It it is a tight installation, so wish me luck. DE 80 seems to be identical in out side dimensions and plumbing to the old 48. Exception is reversed inlet and outlet. I don't really mind the reverse, since it is time for a...
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    Pentair quad DE inlet height?

    Can anyone measure the inlet height of their quad DE filter? I want to have the plumbing ready when it arrives and have a tight space. Im looking for the ground to center of the inlet or outlet (they are 7.5" apart).
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    In case anyone has had trouble figuring out what is going on, here is my recent epic tribulations, it explains why I'm here! It is a long story, so only need to read if you can't figure out what is wrong. I've had a great pool for years, crystal clear, and a service to take care of it. A few...