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    Ultrasonic Humidifier Maintenance.

    Has anyone found a good solution to not having to clean your humidifier every 3-5 days? Been really cold and dry (from wood stove) and the humidity inside will get down to 25% or so if I don't keep my humidifiers running. I have a whole house humidifier in the basement next to the stove that I...
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    Hot Springs Hot Tub not so Hot

    Digital meter? As long as you are measuring correctly and getting 220v to the element, it should be working (if it was good). The resistance is just a double check. If the meter is reading volts correctly (test an outlet), it sounds to me like the element is blown.
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    Hot Springs Hot Tub not so Hot

    If you know how to use a meter, that will help pinpoint it. First thing is to check how much voltage you have at the element. Assuming it's 220v, go across the two element connections and see if you have 220v. If you do and you have an amp probe, see how many amps it's pulling. If you don't have...
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    Old hot tub guy looking to learn new tricks...

    Again testing is done after two uses of the tub, I adjust it in the morning after a soak , then it gets used at night and again in the morning, then the new test... Not sure what the recommended time to test is, or maybe it doesn't really matter, idk, just throwing this out here. I usually...
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    New Tub, crazy water. Perhaps a little help out there?

    You have come to the right place! Do read the link at the top of the forum. We will also need more information like, what exact model test kit do you have and does the spa have ozone? Lots to learn here, ozone will eat chlorine, non chlorine oxidizer like MPS will affect some test readings and...
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    Hot Tub Identification

    Is there anything inside? Old pump, controller? Post a pic of the equipment bay and maybe we can tell what would work.
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    Sorry, don't know.
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    The element will come with new seals. If you go with the pressure switch, you just need to teflon tape the threads. Shouldn't need anything else. I suppose there's a very slight chance that you'd need new seals for the heater assembly, but that is unlikely. But maybe just in case, only $5
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    Old hot tub guy looking to learn new tricks...

    Most regulars may remember that I was a skeptic at first. I thought it was just pulling junk out of the water like a protein skimmer in a salt water aquarium does. Well, after the last purge, I really started noticing a difference in my chlorine usage, I'm only putting in an oz or two a day...
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    I went with the titanium, but ended up not using it and ordering a whole new control and heater (long story). Assuming the titanium lasts a few years longer, so that's what I'd go with.
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    Old hot tub guy looking to learn new tricks...

    I have somewhat similar water, very low CH from the tap. I don't really worry about keeping the TA at a certain level and only focus on PH. My TA is usually 30-40 and my PH hovers around 7.6-7.8. When it gets up to about 8, I put in a Tbsp on muriatic acid and that lowers it a few notches. I've...
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    I like Spa Depot, have ordered many things from there. I have a new 4.5kw element if you want it, but it may be oversized, RD would know if it would work. As long as the stainless tube is in decent shape, no need to replace it in my opinion. Just order the element, only about $40. Here's a link...
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    I believe the blue/red transformer is just for the light. The "yellow jobs" at the top of the board are relays, not transformers. Think of a relay as a light switch. You have power coming in to one side and then when you flip the switch it connects the circuit and allows the power to go...
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    Breaker Trippin' Out!

    I believe that is the power that goes to your relays for the pump, heater and possibly ozone. I would try disconnecting the wire from the relay that goes to your heater. If it doesn't trip, then you know it's the heater. If it still trips then try disconnecting the wire for the pump.
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    help for my hot tub chemistry

    None of the experts or regulars here use test strips, they're not accurate. You need a real test kit for anyone here to be of help. The recommended ones are the TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006. I see you're using Bromine and Dichlor, but I can't help you with that, I use straight liquid chlorine. If...
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    Shocking with Chlorine

    Ah, ok, didn't know about the Frog System, which I know nothing about. I'm a straight chlorine guy. Did you purge the tub with Ahhsome when you first got it installed? There are multiple posts from people about how dirty new tubs are and why you should always purge first. Do you have a CC...
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    Shocking with Chlorine

    If I understand it right, MPS isn't a sanitizer. It just helps break down stuff that has been killed by chlorine. If that's the case, you may not be having a reaction to it, you're getting hot tub rash because you're sitting in a tub full of bacteria. I'm no expert, but many on here are and will...
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    Losing Water and I don't know where

    What is it sitting on? Some pics would really help here. What are your outside temps right now? Does it have a decent cover? If it's cold, you could easily lose that much in evaporation in two days without a good cover.
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    Privacy Screen Ideas

    Went with two sections of fence here. Thought about arbs, but they wouldn't get much sun and take years to grow. Wife and daughter painted one section to make it look better. No more peep show here🤣
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    Use tons of chlorine?

    Does your tub have an ozonator? Nothing wrong, imo, to over chlorinate AFTER use. But you still need to know what it is before you go in. If four people are going in and your FC is 1, that could be an issue.
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    What's causing this stain in my new hot tub?

    No expert here, just learning, but do you have a pleated filter? Does it look orange? The stain looks like a metal stain and from my experience the filter would be stained also (if it was from the well water). But if that's the only place in the tub with the stain, then it's kind of strange.
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    Ever wonder what biofilm looks like?

    Yeah, I think I was the one questioning it a few months ago. It wasn't that I thought it was putting something into the water, it was that I thought it may be pulling stuff out of the water from all of the bubbles/foam. Like what a protein skimmer does in a salt water aquarium. In an aquarium...
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    New to Me Hot Tub

    If it's not going to freeze, go ahead and fill it. At least you may be able to see if there are any leaks that may need to be addressed. The worst thing that happens is it grows a few mosquito's, so just put a cup of bleach in and stir. Once you get the electric, heat it up, put in a little more...
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    Can somebody pls help me understand how this circuit works and figure out a workaround?

    Not an engineer, but can you check what voltage you have coming out of the transformer? Also, how are you checking the signal wires? I believe you should unplug both from the relay and insert meter leads and make sure your meter is set to DC.
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    Spa Repair Thread - Pump bearing, leak, and new cover. With pics!

    I mentioned this in another thread, but I got a new cover from America's Spa Mart a few months ago and had a great experience. I went with the deluxe cover and the value max package. It's 5" to 3", 2# foam, 6 mil double wrap and reflective covering on the foam. I picked them because they...
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    Balboa board repair or replace?

    Looks like there's a fuse holder at the bottom of the picture without a fuse and a copper wire soldered in its place. Might be an issue.
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    Puzzling Heater Problem

    Sounds like you're good if it has gone up a few degrees. I think my tub is around 300 gallons and it takes several hours to heat with a 5.5kw heater and 240v.
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    Puzzling Heater Problem

    It does sound like it should be working. Resistance across the element sounds in range and yes, you would get no reading if it was blown. And if the relay is sending the 240v to the element, it should be heating, unless it goes through some other safety first. Any chance you have an Amp meter...
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    Warning: gross. If you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, don’t look!

    Yes, I'm pretty sure I used too much. I made two purges out of a whole container. Think it said it would do three. I didn't run the purges with the filters in place though. I pulled the filter, rinsed it off and threw it in the tub as directed. After the drain and refill and balance, I put the...
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    Warning: gross. If you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, don’t look!

    It's not that bad, lol. It's just like a pool, you have to maintain it properly. There's no "autopilot" imo. If you want it to be safe you have to put in a few minutes (less than ten) a day. I love mine and it's starting to take over my love for my pool. Can't wait to see what it's like to sit...