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    Opinions on this frame issue (unlevel)

    I just set up the pool this year. Bought the house and the pool last year, struggled with the water, the pavers all broke when the pool filled, was a nightmare. This year things went much better up until now. Two pavers broke last night and I had an area sink, not an entire side, just the...
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    Emerald Green every few days. I'm at a loss.

    We moved into our current home about a year ago, our first time having a pool. We have a concrete pool, 3000 gallons, one skimmer, about 4 jets, no SWG. Last year after purchasing the home, I started the TFP method. It worked out for the first few months, but with a 1 year old and 2 year old, my...
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    New owner of a 22'x52" Intex Ultra. Now what?

    Just purchased my first Intex pool for pickup later today. So in the meantime, what should I be planning for? I'm going to move forward with permitting it out, even though I had heavily considered not doing so. But that aside, I need to level the ground. Once I have that level, planning on...