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    Talk to me about Auto Covers

    My wife and I have given a deposit to a builder and we like the design we have come up with, which is basically a 20x40 rectangle with a 9x18 sun shelf on the side, which basically makes in an L shape. We are also going with a raised hot tub. We haven't started digging yet and I have spoken...
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    Door Sensors

    We are building a pool that will be fenced on three sides and will be accessible from the house. There are three doors that lead into the pool area and we want to put sensors on the doors that sound a chime or alarm whenever these doors are opened. I would like them to be easily disabled fo...
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    Builder Spec'd UV/Ozone Sterilizer

    We just got a quote from our pool builder and he lists a Paramount Ultra UV2 Ozone/UV Sterilizer in the specs. Is this something that I definitely need? He doesn't break everything down so I have have no idea how much this adds to the cost.
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    Finally Pulling The Trigger

    My wife and I built a new home four years ago and have wanted to build a pool since we moved in. Around the same time we were building the house we were referred to a pool builder and have since developed a solid relationship and we really like them. We almost pulled the trigger a couple years...
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    Owner/Builder Questions

    My wife and I have been wanting a pool for a while and the pool builder we have been working with can't fit us into his schedule in the timeframe we would like. I have been doing some reading about doing an owner build. I understand that it would be on me to find my own subcontractors for each...
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    Help me configure an L shaped pool

    We decided to do an L shaped pool in order to compliment the layout of an existing patio and allow for entry into the pool of the side, rather than on one of the ends. We originally were thinking of doing a 20x40 rectangle so we are probably going to keep that size and just add the L part. The...
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    My proposal, feedback appreciated

    My wife and I recently built a new home and have decided we want a pool. We have two acres and have plenty of room for a nice size pool. We originally wanted a rectangle with an auto cover, but I think we have changed our mind on that. We do have a bit of a challenge with placement. We have...
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    Coverstar Auto Cover Pricing?

    I'm in the process of getting bids on a new pool. Basic specs are a 20x40 gunite rectangle. We got a price for a Coverstar with an encapsulated track... $20,975. We are located in Eastern PA. Is this price reasonable? I was expecting a price in the 10k range, so this blew me away.
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    Pool Newbie, need some help!

    My wife and I are currently in the process of building a new home in Eastern PA, and we would like to install a pool. The house will be complete in November, so we were thinking we'd start the pool in early spring to be ready for next summer. We are interested in a rectangle shaped pool, most...