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    Pump or filter issues since I’ve moved into our house

    Had this pool for almost two years now and it NEVER seems to constantly work. I posted every picture I could think of to take. The main issue is I never seem to get consistently smooth pumping of water. At some point the filter will fill with air and the only thing that seems to “reset things”...
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    Tim in Vegas

    Moved to Vegas last summer from Massachusetts. Wife wanted a pool. I have no idea what I'm doing. Too many pipes. Too many levers. Send help.
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    Small tube inside Hayward C5520 - not sure what it's for

    I’m replacing the filters in my Hayward C5520, and there was a small hose inside the filter that was apparently not connected to anything. There is also a piece of wood jammed in it. Anyone know what the purpose of this hose is?