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    Broken Bestway pump?

    Pool pump problems. Using the pump that came with the 18' Bestway Steel Max Pro. Was making big loud noise for several days but still pushing water out. Today when i plugged it in it was not as loud but not pushing water through. I took it apart. Can’t find any YouTube videos. Any ideas? Is...
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    How to figure out how much chlorine to start?

    Thanks Richard. I'm way anxious about all the chemicals but at least my instinct about staying out of the pool store was on point.
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    How to figure out how much chlorine to start?

    We just put up our 18' x 48" Bestway pool. Y'all, it's actually level - worry #1, over. Next up - worry #2, chemicals. I think it's about 7600 gallons. I have a taylor test kit on the way but bought a cheap one at Home Depot until it arrives. We filled it with water Sunday and yesterday...
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    Need suggestions for leveling ground

    In a fit of covid induced desperation, I bought and above ground pool. I have a landscaper that is willing to help me level the ground. It’s not super slanted but our back yard is very bumpy and has some low spots. Can y’all spam me with any videos/techniques? He asked if I wanted to put sand in...
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    Can I put the pool on uneven old asphalt? Tips for creating a level surface?

    So on a whim I bought an above ground pool. 14’ x48” best way steel pro max full kit. I think it corresponded with the day we got word that summer camp was cancelled. I totally did not think it through and I’m considering returning it. It it might also be just what we need to survive the...