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    What's your current pool temp?

    up to 72 yesterday pm, solar working.
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    Owner Build W/ Rock Blasting - Loomis, CA - Equipment List HELP

    I had a water issue and the plaster company wouldn't do it until the seepage was nearly gone. We also drilled holes in the side of the shell to help the water drain, I put in an additional french drain above the pool to help, finally they were satisfied and it was plastered about 2 months later...
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    Self made hot tub almost done!

    . It sounds like his drain is not hooked to the pump? only for draining the water.
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    Natural Pools discussion

    Sorry to hijack but you don't see this mentioned too often. We have backpacked from tuolumne to the valley via halfdome twice and that cascade is incredible, the smooth granite is almost like a pool, and the current a giant swim jet, cold though. Last I was there was 1999. You must have been...
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    Solar Valve Issue

    Thats nice, I don't think pentair has that so my pool must be running in order for the solar to work.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    72 deg this am, just like I thought it would be. If I'm lucky, with good weather predicted, I may see 76 by this weekend.
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    Finally Building - Manvel TX

    Looks really good, is that glass or just the pebble imbedded?
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    What's your current pool temp?

    84 yesterday afternoon, weather cooling this week with possible rain on thursday thru sunday, if that happens I'll be stuck in the 70's or worse.
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    Coverstar Auto Cover Pricing?

    I bought a cover pools cover with my 20' x 40' pool in 2011, it was approx $13,000.
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    Heat Exchange or Solar Electric?

    I'm sure nobody has, it was just my way to see if the price / output was about the same, your a little better.
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    Heat Exchange or Solar Electric?

    That comes out to 1.31 per kwh for you based on last years production, my cost is 1.50 per kwh based on after tax cost divided by 20565 kwh produced last year.
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    Heat Exchange or Solar Electric?

    I was in about the same position as the op of this thread. I now have a 12.1 kv ground mount system that was 44k before the tax deduction. I went oversize to allow for future electrical demands. My payoff was 6 years, only 4 more to go. As of a couple days ago my meter was 1463kwh lower than...
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    Brass skimmer lids

    Interesting, thnak for the explanation.
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    Brass skimmer lids

    If the skimmer housing is plastic where could the covers get the voltage from?
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    What's your current pool temp?

    86 as of this am, solar panels and auto cover work good, all it takes is a few rainy days to drop it by 10 degrees, hoping for at least mid October.
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    Just starting the process in Northern Indiana - what are your "must haves" in a pool?

    Re: Just starting the process in Northern Indiana - what are your "must haves" in a p exactly, wish i had the deeper ones.
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    Converting to salt...part II

    I wish I lived in your world, Even though my csi is always negative I still get scaling in the swg, evident by the white flakes emitted when it self cleans. I think from another thread that JoyfulNoise has borates added?? that may help with the scaling.
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    Concern about jumprock height... 3.5ft above pool into 6ft deep water?

    When I jump from my wall which is about 3' tall into my 8' deep end my feet touch the bottom, at 6' deep they will definetly touch.
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    FINALLY got my pool BLUE!!! Now, I have one more question about getting out sand. :)

    It may be your pump is to close to the bottom of the well, when ours was drilled to 280', the pump was set at 220' so there is plenty of water below it, the water level in the well is 60', never get any sand.
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    New build - Plano Texas

    I guess that why i have the pressure side cleaner, goes great with my rotary, I don't have a cell phone. I am happy with its performance, 5 years old now, stays in the pool all the time, there is never any leaves but that is also due to the auto cover. I only take it out is there are a lot of...
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    $100 if you can figure out the white "stuff" in my pool

    Calcium flakes from the SWG, I have the same and there are other threads talking about this. Although since you cleaned the swg and it had no scale, strange.
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    Solar Install

    5kwh per day! that's incredible, you really know how to conserve. I like the fact that I don't have to now with the free power.
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    Solar Install

    Mine was built in 1914, approx 2700 sq ft, upstairs AC, we have our own well. My electric bill was approx $400 per month before, last year I had a surplus and they paid me $140. As I recall I use approx 38kw per day average but I went oversize so if i want a hot tub or to use the RV as a house I...
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    Solar Install

    I've got 44 275w panels for 12.1 kw but the most I have seen at any moment is about 10.1kw. My best day was 83kw produced, most summer days are about 65kw / 75kw, the hotter the panels get the less efficient they are. Also they need to be cleaned periodically, mine are on the ground. You'll be...
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    Honey Bees - Stung Twice Today - What the USDA Advises

    I think you would need to bee there all day spraying otherwise many will make it back to report the location. I have a hive about 50' from my pool and have very few bees coming in, it is covered all day so that prob helps, also there is another water source nearby that I see them using. When I...
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    Water level keeps rising in pool

    Usually there is a valve so you can turn off the auto fill, that would confirm if the water is coming from there.
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    Scale, I need help please

    I would like to know if borates really are a solution to this, as I said same problem as you but my pool surface hides the flakes better.
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    Scale, I need help please

    What I meant was when mine is set to 20% during the off season months I dont see much, but during the summer its at 60% / 70% and I get a lot more flakes. During the summer mine runs for about 9 hrs per day, mostly so the solar can be on. My stament was not in reference to the Hayward statment...
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    Scale, I need help please

    I have the same situation, the scale is generated on the blades in the swg, when it reverces polatity to clean all the scale gets blown into the pool. It almost seems like the swg should be before the filter, but I think there is a reason they dont do that. My csi is always negative and it still...