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    Can't figure out why pool is cloudy

    I have had no issues with my pool in so long, I've forgotten a lot of things I've learned here. But a neighbor has been pouring lots of money into his pool with no luck clearing up the cloudy water. It is a 7 foot deep pool, and is not terrible, but definitely can't clearly see the drains at...
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    Solar panels not draining when pump is running

    I have the temperature set for 86 and what typically happens is the pool cools overnight, the pump comes on about 11 am and the controller diverts the water to the panels. Sometime later in the afternoon the temperature reaches the set point and the valve is turned so no water can go up to the...
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    Seeing white flakes (calcium?) in pool after 10 years of never having them.

    All chemical levels have been the same. The SWG cell was replaced 2 years ago. I only started seeing these white flakes after adjusting the TA. My numbers were: Salt = 3600 Chlorine = 5 PH = 7.8 CH = 330 TA = 20 So I added enough baking soda to get TA to 60. Then added about 1/4 gallon of...
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    Hitec Helicoil panel leak

    Friends just bought a home that has 10 year old Hitec Helicoil panels installed. The panels are 4 foot x 10 foot and there are about 10 on the roof. All 5 bottom panels have leaks at the lower part where the tubes connect to the header. This is where the pressure is highest and their system...
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    Reducing overall pressure

    Other than changing to a variable or 2 speed pump, what are some ways to lower the pressure on my system? I had two ideas. 1. Use larger openings for the returns. 2. A return loop from the output to the input of the pump with a valve - although I'm not sure how much that would actually...
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    High pressure in solar panels

    I have a spillover spa with my pool and only one pump - very basic. When in spa mode, suction and return are in the spa only and because some of the jets can be closed, the pressure is higher than when the pump is circulating the pool. Pool circulating pressure is about 7 psi and when in spa...
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    Sand not good for pump?

    I have been getting a lot of sand in my pool. It is coming from the Sahara and is a very fine brown sand. It settles in the corners of the pool and after vacuuming it up, the pump started making a terrible sound. I took the pump apart, cleaned it and it has been working fine with no noise for...
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    Rough gem coat from acid wash

    I was able to remove stains from my overflow hot tub by pouring in a couple gallons of acid and letting it sit for a few hours before neutralizing it and mixing back with the main pool. However, I may have overdone it. Now the gem coat from Florida Stucco is rough and comes off when brushing...
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    Check Valve problem

    I woke to find the raised spa water level down and equal to the pool. Its often lowered an inch overnight, but never the foot or so that it did this time. I filled it back up, shut off all valves, and waited overnight to see if there was a leak - but there was not. I opened the flapper type...
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    Replacing roof mounted solar panels

    I've had the FAFCO 4 x 20 panels for about 5 years which I've installed myself. They have developed too many leaks over the last season to bother with repairing. I want to replace them with 4 x 10 or 4 x 12 foot ones anyway, since I've never liked how the 20 foot long ones never lie flat. Can...
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    Help with automation

    I have a pool with a spillover spa but only a single pump. I have solar panels, but no automatic controller for them, just an actuator for the valve. My pump is on a mechanical timer and runs from 10am till 5pm. All valves have Jandy valve actuators with I control with mechanical switches...
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    Hayward max flow ii motor bearings

    I need to know the part number and where to order the bearings for the motor for this 1 HP pump. I know the noise is from the motor bearings because I hear it when the motor is run when removed from the pump and I've already changed the pump seal. I just don't know what part to order.
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    Keeping debris from sticking to waterline tile

    Help. Even though I have a screen, small brown balls from the many oak trees get through. They float and end up sticking to the tile in spots where the circulation jets can't reach. I'm looking for an automated solution - rather than me having to brush the tile often. Seems like something...
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    Removing stains and draining - is this a good idea?

    Due to some issues just after building the pool, we got a lot of iron dust in the pool due to rebar grinding, etc. and had severe staining on the floors and walls. I was able to get it out with citric acid and continued to use a sequestering agent to keep it out. However, I stopped using the...
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    Fixing leak with putty not lasting long

    Almost immediately after construction my pool developed a leak. Pool builder bailed on me but I had someone come out and they found the leak around the edge of the drain where the plaster meets the plastic - there was a small gap. He fixed it using the 2 part epoxy. That lasted about 9 months...
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    Self Cleaning frequency

    Large Calcium Pieces I have recently discovered calcium pieces. They are dime and nickel sized flat pieces on the floor of the pool at each return. Recently, I added citric acid to remove some stains and the pH dropped significantly. I noticed the calcium after that. I vacuumed them up...
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    Added citric acid - how long will it consume chlorine

    Hi, I added citric acid to remove some rust stains and it worked great. I had brough my chlorine level up to 25 before hand knowing that it was going to drop and I did not want it going to zero like the last time I did this. Its been about 4 days now since I added it, the pH is back up to...
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    Can adding other chemicals change chlorine level?

    Just curious. Can adding salt, stabalizer or baking soda change my chlorine level? I don't think it should, but just wanted to know if I should expect a small drop after adding those.
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    CYA loss

    I seem to be loosing CYA a lot more quickly than salt. For this year I have added no salt and it has dropped from about 3500 to 3000 since January. In the same time frame I have had to add 90 ppm of CYA to keep my 60-70 level. Is there anything other than splashout, backwash and heavy rain...
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    ID this item found at bottom of pool

    I inspect my pool every day and found this at the bottom. Just vacuumed 2 days ago and did not notice it, but can't say for sure if it was not there or not. Pool is screened in, so this had to be brought in, not flung by a lawnmower, droped by a bird, etc. I've checked all the pool toys the...
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    Help ID part

    I have a Hayward pump that has a white plastic tube on the outside of the basket. It says, "this side out" on the tube. I found a small plastic white ball inside the tube that is exactly the right diameter to fit but not move without pushing. I had to use a small rod to push it out. Is that...
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    Savi Melody LED Light Failures

    I've had a total of 4 Savi Melody LED lights fail in about 1.5 years. I've just replaced 3 today and noted why they failed. These LED lights are made of 2 separate housings. In the photo below, the left housing is the LED and a large aluminum heat sink. The back or right housing is the...
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    Light replacement

    I'm changing out a Savi Melody LED light. Do I need to drain below, or can I do it wet? Is there any harm in having the conduit flooded?
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    Compupool turns off

    I have a CompuPool CPSC 24. Has worked great for 1 year. Couple weeks ago I got an error - "Non genuine cell - call dealer", but turning off and back on cleared it. Now its worked for the last 2 weeks with not problems, until yesterday and today. I have the pump and SWG come on for 5 hours...
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    Calcium under spa overflow ledge

    Here are my numbers: CL = 10 pH = 7.5 TA = 80 CH = 400 CYA = 70 Salt = 4500 Borates = 50 (approx - based on amount added) Pool temp = 84 Have not had a signigicant problem with calcium buildup until now. Only thing I've added in the past few months is 2 lbs citric acid to clear up some stains...
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    What kind of algae do I have?

    I let FC drop to zero for 24 hrs and then brought it up to 6, but noticed I could not keep it there. Water temps are still 89-90. Dove in with snorkel and mask and found 1 little algae plant on a seat. It was a yellow tuft, but more like a miniature fern than a cotton ball. It had a stem and...
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    Citric Acid Chlorine Use

    I had some iron particles on the bottom of the pool which stained the plaster. Most of the iron was vacuumed up and washed out of the cartridge. I had my water tested for iron and it did not register on the Taylor test. I added 2 lbs of citric acid (SeaKlear), followed the directions, and...
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    Calcium particles in water

    I normally test myself, but went to the pool store to get some acid so had them test my water. All numbers were in range, including CH which was 220. However, there were calcium particles floating in water after the test. Store tried to sell me clarifier and something else I don't remember...
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    Salt Water Magic Liquid by natural chemistry

    What's in this product?
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    Soda Ash and Muratic Acid

    It looks like I am going to do a no drain acid wash to clear up some stains. I'm going to add between 4 and 6 gallons of muratic, brush for a few days, and then counter the acid with soda ash. Pool calculator says I'm going to need more than a 1000 oz of soda ash, so I doubt I'll be adding...